Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WIMTS--Get out of my bedroom!

What I said, "Sorry about the state of my bedroom, usually no one is allowed down here! :)"

What I meant to say was: "What the HELL--O are you doing in my bedroom? What kind of person just walks into someone's house and walks down into their personal space??? If I didn't answer the door there was a reason! I was taking a nap!!! Please get the &*!* out of my bedroom!!!"

I kid you not people. I have someone who comes into my home and makes themselves comfortable by coming downstairs into the back rooms where my bedroom is, the room in which "all the magic happens" yea, that room! Is this abnormal to anyone else???

Now click on the Picture at the top of this post and go see who else is playing along!!!


P.S. Group Therapy post over at Real World today. Her husband and her don't have the same S.E.X. drive... she needs advice! Go over and see how you can help!

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