Friday, January 29, 2010

My daughter and Grape Medicine...

So I think my daughter might be a Hypochondriac? But not in the sense that she is worried about her health as much as she really likes the taste of medicine?

Does anybody else find this odd?

We buy grape medicine whenever we can. I hated the bubble gum taste of medicine when I was a kid so I feel I shouldn't subject them to something I think is atrocious. But now I think as an "intervention" I might have to introduce my daughter to bubble gum tasting medicine so that she isn't "sick" all the time.

See she uses her "pains" as a convenience. Like if Max and Ruby or Dora the Explorer is on, then her belly hurts, until the show is over, then she can come to the store with us or whatever. Now I'm not a pushover so I only allow this if I need to twitter, facebook, or blog. Other than that... I'm so super tough on her...I roll my eyes and drag her with me to the store or whatever...

I might have indulged her once or 10 times (but only two handfuls of times) when it was Sunday and I could get out of church to take care of my "sick daughter" because I wanted to sleep in and it was early church. (What!? Don't look at me like that!?).

But either way... it's odd.

So I'm off to buy bubble gum tasting Children's medicine and making all my family write a letter of how much we love this little girl and why she is important to us and changing her beloved Grape medicine to Bubble Gum medicine is because we LOVE her not because we want to punish her.

Everyone else have a good weekend!!! :)


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