Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I meant to say...

Okay my good friend Chief is starting this "What I meant to say" thinga majig. Everyone is so witty and funny I'm going to seem like a total bore.

But oh well... Here we go.

To the girl at Hip Hop who saw the bump I have left over from my collar bone healing and looked at me like I was alien:

What I said was:

"I know huh! It's like Hump Back of Notre Dame but on my shoulder, sorry it scared you, should have warned you before."

What I meant to say was:

"Thanks Jerk now I'm going to be even MORE self conscious of it then I already am! Next time I'll warn you before showing you by poking your eyes out so you will be a little more tactful before gazing upon it".

That's all I got...

Go over and join Chief--just click on the link at the top :)

Curious... what would you have said?

Oh and I have an interesting question up for Group Therapy over at Real World that I think you guys should give your opinions on!!! Dad's AND Mom's alike!!!

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