Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where I talk to PeePs about love...

This is a day to go down in history.

The day that I talked to my daughter about love.

Picture taken by FunnyFace Photography.


Me: While doing my hair, out of the corner of my eye, I see PeePs walk by and say, "PeePs, I love you..." in my best mother drawl.

PeePs: "I don't love you." I hear her say as she walks into her bedroom.

Me: Not to worried about it, I shrug and say, "That's rude..." in my best...should be astonished voice.

PeePs: "When you take me to McDonalds then I will love you." In her fairy-high-squeaky-voice.

Me: WOW...now I'm bugged, "PeePs! That is not where you take someone when you love them...have I taught you nothing? McDonalds is a trashy way to tell someone you love them. If you are going to show your love to someone and REALLY show you care for them you take them somewhere a little classier than MCDONALDS. Listen up PeePs and listen well...you take people to Wendy's. Got it?"-***Shakes head***

PeePs: "OOOOkkkkaaayy Mom...can I get a chocolate frosty when we go?"

Me: "No I gotta go to work...Mammy is taking you to McDonald's. Have fun 'kay?"

And here I thought I had taught her better. I mean she has been on this Earth for 3 years...3 YEARS people...that's enough time to know the difference? Wouldn't you say?

I better double check her seat belt on the airplane the next time we fly...maybe she doesn't follow that Etiquette rule either!!!

I'm so ashamed!

Did your talk go any better with your kids? This raising them stuff is hard!



P.S. If you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

P.S.S.--Results just in...CONGRATS Crash--you DUMMY! You get the Quilt and the Amazon.com $25.00 gift card!!! :)

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