Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half-Taught Dr. Shelle

First of all can I just say...for those of you who UNLOADED are INCREDIBLE! Whether you were anonymous or not...just thanks for giving me something interesting, funny, and thought provoking to read.

What I would really like to do is analyze about your comments. I went to school to eventually end up being a Marriage and Family Counselor. I met MountainSport Man and even though I finished my Bachelor's, I never went on to finish my Masters. Anybody who knows about that degree would know you HAVE to have a Masters to get a job anywhere in that field of study.

But I still love playing the part. Ninety percent of the reason I went into that field is because growing up I LOVED for people to unload on me and then try to mull over the problem in my head to see if I could figure things out and maybe help them a bit.

The problem with people is that they are ALL what works for one, DEFINITELY doesn't work for another. And there are SO many theories out there you could go ANY direction and still not solve a thing...yet I LOVED learning about EACH theory, I LOVE talking with people, and I LOVED helping when I actually could. It was such a natural HIGH!

Eventually, I would still like to finish my Master's Degree...until then, I just like to play the role among friends and family...and get this, people ACTUALLY talk to me...and even listen sometimes. What a rub of the ego heh?

Unfortunately some of those comments were directed at my blog layout is confusing. I KNOW I KNOW...please HELP me! I WANT to make it pretty and better and less confusing but I'm totally at a crossroads. I'm in the process of making it into it's own website (months down the road) and so I just leave it, hoping that some blog fairy will sweep along and magically make it into the most BEAUTIFUL and non-confusing blog on the block! If I had money...someone would be one blog remodel richer. Alas, I am not rich...and the economy tells me I need to save whatever green, nickel, and zinc/copper I have. STUPID ECONOMY!!! (Which is why I have ADS on my blog...sorry person that hates ads on peoples blogs...but it's really nice to get that check in the just is...DANG IT ALL!!!)

Luckily, I know what I want to do with the Don't You Hate It When contests! And so that I don't bore those people who don't want it around anymore...I will post what the changes are on Monday...I think it will go a lot THANK YOU FOR YOUR IDEAS!!!

So I feel that the Secret Box was great for ME...learned a lot about secrets...some dirty, disgusting, and down right wrong. Luckily no one REALLY admitted to picking their boogers and then EATING them *gag, choke, wet-heave, spit*...I would have spit in their general direction with the throw up that would have been in my mouth! But I'm not judging--total nautral body reaction...can't be helped...can't be avoided!

And for those of you that WEREN'T are ALL comment whores and should go over straight away to Kristina P.'s (she's had a make-over, she looks great, her blog layout isn't confusing!) site and pick up a comment whore button. But I get you...because I'm all about attention and spotlight! So go grab a are what you are!

So ALL I'm saying is that if you want me to be your personal therapist...I'm here for you! I may laugh at your problems...maybe even spit at you...but I'll listen. And just to make this clear so as not to get sued since proclaiming to be a half-taught therapist...

I am not discriminating by laughing nor by spitting...I do it about my OWN who are YOU to assume that you should be treated any differently...

Just wanted to get that out there so there was no confusion.


Dr. Shelle

So any takers?

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