Friday, November 21, 2008

Indecisive...middle and white...F X 4

So I know a couple of Friday's ago I mentioned how I just LOVE color in my photo's...and I still stand by that...


I found myself loving the black and white.

I blame it on being the middle child. I'm somewhat indecisive...My opinion jumps around like a grasshopper on about drives my loved ones crazy...if they weren't already crazy!

Plus...I'm feeling a little TWILIGHTish and since SUE absolutely BEGGED me to post about TWILIGHT...I have decided to show these Black and White's especially for her and TWILIGHT and all those who wishes they were with their Sister-in-law's watching the midnight showing in a private rented theater instead of sitting here blogging about it...

Plus...I'm a mom...and I just got done editing these photo's and since I suck at scrap booking and printing my pictures out to put in a photo album...this is their 5 minutes of fame...humor me okay?

Now go have a Fiesta party yourself over at Candid Carrie's!



P.S. I am SHOCKED so many of you did not know about airplane seat belt etiquette...seriously...SHOCKED! Your mothers should be ashamed of themselves...and Fathers too! But I'll forgive...because I have kids and can't remember to hold a grudge.

But if I ever want to get revenge on someone...I'm totally using Momma Trish's suggestion and setting all the alarms for 3 in the morning for the people who get the hotel room after EVIL I love it!

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