Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is how they REALLY looked on Halloween! :)

Okay...the picture of ME in my slutty burlesque costume was taken by my MOM on her I don't have it!

I know...BOOOOOO!!!

And my husbands TEETH...handsome, sexy, vampire teeth didn't work! AS he went as a Gorilla! So I just imagined him as Jacob...I had to squint my eyes...

But in Reality...I have my OWN Jacob everyday... because my husband is part Indian...and he's warm, and strong...I know, I'm totally lucky! :)

I did, however, get pictures of my kids!

Here is my Fairy Princess...

I had to make sure to get a picture of what her make-up looked like. Hello...I was a genius...I think I missed my calling...I should have been a Make-Up Artist!!!

If this picture didn't make you jump...then I don't know what will!

I would've taken lots of pictures of DCar in his Grim Reaper outfit...but there is only so many poses...he did tell me that he was making a VERY SCARY face behind that mask!!!

The Grim Reaper was getting a little violent!

I think this is what maybe irritated the Grim Reaper...the Princess Fairy's wings kept getting in his way! He promises he was smiling in this photo! Oh and my husband did her make-up for the who did a better job?


Don't answer that...I don't want my husbands feelings hurt!!!

THIS is a Trunk-or-Treat! They are FABULOUS...and I think there should be state laws making this the NORM and STANDARD for all Trick-or-Treaters...promise, if you keep an open will realize the logic!

K---she's just adorable right?

She has such natural long eye lashes...that she kept getting streaks of mascara underneath her eyes...I only Dream I had this problem!!!

Here is PeePs and DCar with the newest cousin Oaks! I'm not quite sure what she is...but she's dang cute!!!

We had a good time!

NOW...those of you who like playing along on MONDAYS for my Don't You Hate It When contests have a NEW prize to go for...think QUILT and!!! I think you'll like it! So get your POSTS ready...and remember everyone...this is all in GOOD fun!

I do this so you have a chance to just post something silly and can be real or not real...just something to make others laugh!!! The prizes are COOL and worth entering a post for! If you don't win...try again the next week! Tomorrow I'll explain more about asking people to please READ the posts and vote on the FUNNIEST one...but I also love that people are rallying their forces or FAMILY behind them to vote also!!!

But basically...have

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