Friday, October 31, 2008

This is KINDA how we are going to look tonight!

OKay...since I dont' have my OWN pictures of what we look like for Halloween...and I am in charge of my SON'S School Halloween party...(I know, I'm new at the WHOLE pressure "Will you be the ROOM MOM only is this and this"...THING) So go ahead and laugh all you MORE experienced MOM's ...either way, I don't have time!

So I went for SLUTTY Burlesque... like this

Except I'm not a nurse...and this is NOT my party that is being held...I just liked the picture because it looks EXACTLY like me! :)

This is DCar's costume...after weeks and weeks of trying to decide what to be...he caves and goes for LEAST creative...the GRIM REAPER! Bleh...but the kid was SO excited I couldn't make him feel TOO bad!

PeePs looks like this...except totally different...the only thing that's the same is the leg warmers, tutu, and hair...everything else is changed! But we are calling her a Fairy Princess! :)

And this is what MountainSport Man is going to was easy...we made his skin WHITER...put in some FAKE fangs...and spiked his hair. Put a name tag on him that says, "I'm Shelle's Edward...get your own!"

Okay...scratch the name tag...but that might be a really GOOD I might actually do it...if I do, I'll get a picture. But he is going as Edward...

Can't fault a girl for wanting her VERY OWN blood sucking vampire for a day???

Can't wait to see what YOU guys came up with!

Oh...BTW...I actually am a FINALST for THIS contest...Go click on my name "SHELLE" if you like my story best (which, of course, you will)

SO GO VOTE FOR ME...because if you don't, then I will be ashamed that I'm not as POPULAR as I think I am...don't make me actually PAY for a therapist...that would just be sad! :)

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