Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do people REALLY know who they are voting for?

Okay I don't listen to Howard Stern at all, but was emailed this by a trusted source...and couldn't believe it! This is WHY the election and politics is so SCARY to me.

Do people REALLY care about the issues? Or do they care just if a politician looks good, or not, or because of race, or creed, or all of the above?

If you haven't delved into each presidential candidates policies than studied the issues and the view points, than I say, you shouldn't vote. Don't just vote to because you REALLY want to see that person do what they are proposing to do when they get ELECTED! And KNOW what you are voting for...KNOW what changes they plan to make...

This actually makes me sick to my stomach...

Seriously people...seriously?

It's not the fact that they are saying they want to vote for could be MCCAIN...its the fact that they have NO IDEA why they are voting for him. They think Sarah Palin is running with OBAMA...they don't even flinch at their answers they are so sure of agreeing!

Talk amongst yourselves...

Does anyone have a trash can?

Or will you hold my hair back?

I think I'm going to puke!


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