Friday, October 24, 2008

Color or De-Saturation? FX4!!!

***Join in this weeks fun over at Candid Carrie' might have to push and shove because people are rowdy over there and SOME people butt in line to get a better spot in the LINKY line up...but it's lots of fun!!! It's like fighting for your FAVORITE TOY on the day after Thanksgiving sales!!!

When I first got into taking pictures I went through this phase where I de-saturated out of an old polaroid picture...(I'm totally singing, "Shake it like a polaroid picture" because I just typed that...remember, I have that annoying habit, you're lucky you are not around to hear it, it would be stuck in your head all day!!! *cue wicked laugh now*)

For example...

This...(I can't get over my bangs here...what the blunt cut?)

And this...(Does it look like my daughter has an extremely LONG tongue to you? Maybe I should try to steer her life closer to the ROCK Band sort of thing?)

Now I'm extremely into color...the brighter and more POP the better when I edit!!!

See this...I love the dark that contrasts with the bright green of the trees and red of the bridge!

And this...(I know, I know, sweetheart...what we adults make you do to get a good pic!)

It's weird how my fancy and style keep changing...but yet, I still love de-saturated once in a while!!!

On my quest to become ever better at this LOVE I have of photography I ask you...What are you? Color? De-Saturated? Black and White? Sepia? No editing whatsoever pleases you better?

I want to if you have time...can you tell me?



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