Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annoying or Endearing Part 4

Okay here's another one of those posts where I tell you a little bit about myself.

To some these habits may be flawed and to some this habits or qualities may be endearing...if you relate to them.

I have already admitted I stare at people, sing when someone says something that strikes as familiar words to a song, and that I laugh at the most in-opportune times, so you already know those things...oh and the fact that I am obsessed with picking dry boogers so that I never have to be humilated by a cliff hanger again...oh and that I have racy dreams about book characters I read...

What? I haven't told you that yet?

Ummm...scratch that last dirty little secret...

My fingers where taken over by some foreign influence! I swear...like I would read books with Romantic Hero's with bodies ripped and defined who are manly men and aren't afraid of anything...but are also most sensitive and romantic when dealing with the ones they love...Yea...like I'm way to cool for that crap! (Edward? Jacob? Call me!)

Anyway...for what I'm about to divulge will either make you understand me more...or make you turn away in disgust...whichever it is...all I ask is for an open mind and to tell all you know about reading it on my BLOG page...because there is nothing better than WORD-of-MOUTH and bad press can be good press, right?

Okay...I have no patience. That's it! I have prayed everyday, whether on my knees or in my mind for patience...

But to tell you the truth...I don't even have patience to wait for an answer...or to be patient to gain my patience! It's a vicious cycle!

For instance...not being patient can be a good thing...when I want to get something done, I do it right away! But it also sucks...let me list the ways...

  • Losing weight...I wanted it off yesterday...so I rarely am able to stick to a DIET...which is why I need to have a LIFESTYLE change...that will probably work better.
  • Raising kids...if you have kids, you have no need for me to explain, if you don't...well let me just say--If you are already bad with TIME (such as myself)...forget every being on time to anything again, (although blaming kids for being late is a useful tool). Waiting for them to clean something up...waiting for them to tell you something...waiting for them to actually GET what is happening in the sport they are playing...waiting for them get better from an illness...the list goes on and on.
  • Material Things--I am a horrible store browser because I ALWAYS find something I absolutely NEED at the exact moment I see it in the store! It takes every OUNCE of will power to pull myself away and NOT buy it. But since being married I have gotten better at this...unless it comes to Camera supplies or computers (Or buying clothes for my kids)...I try not to walk into stores that possess those things! :) So what I am saying is...I have a hard time WAITING to save for somthing...I confess, I am getting better at it!
  • Waiting for a blogger who shall not be named (REE) to comment on my blog...I'm done...I've lost interest...forget about it! Who REALLY cares...and I don't have the patience to wait 16 and 1/2 years to get her to comment...so I forfeit my humor because it no longer amuses me...but I want to thank Insane Mama, Binks, and Kritta22--my unfailing soldiers who withstood this siege with me until I caved. (WoW...those romance novels are really having an effect on my writing...could be good and bad...hmmm.!)

Okay that is about it! I thank you ALL for playing yesterday! I had so much fun and the run was SO close this time...although KRITTA22 deserved alot more votes in my perspective because, no lie, it was SOOOO funny! But so were the rest of them.

I shall leave you with this...

Anything you need to tell me about yourself?


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