Friday, October 10, 2008

I love it when they are not Willing-FX4

Does it make me a bad photographer when some of my favorite photos are those when the subjects are NOT WILLING to give me that $100 smile?

I love these two photos for that very reason...the MONKEY looks bugged and I'm sure he's thinking, "If you try to make me smile ONE MORE TIME I'm going to drop kick you...really, I can do it, I may be small but I'm just bugged enough to make it happen!" lol!

And my niece pictured below...She's scared witless...witless! She didn't like the Hay, not ONE bit...and so when Mom went to help her I snapped away...

So you tell I sick or twisted because these kinds of photos make me laugh and smile and are Beautiful in their own way?

Tell me your opinion?

But at least admit...their cute! :)

And then I had to give a shout out to MOMSHOTS...they have this great thing every week that they call the TIP of the WEEK. This was Spot Coloring! Isn't it great!

Join Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta--it's so much fun! :)



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