Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That's why I'm the photographer!

The BEST thing about being the PHOTOGRAPHER on a family or children shoot is that I'm not my HELPER!'s a hard job...and sometimes downright degrading.

If you get a child who won't laugh or have to use creative measures to get them to...

Helpers also have to pay attention to those I'm taking a picture of to make sure they are looking their best! They also have to make sure they concentrate on looking at the lens and not the HELPER while he/she is dancing around acting like a made crazed person to get the little one to smile!

It's GREAT! For me anyways...

But I'm also incredibly lucky...because I have SWEET family members who volunteer their time to be MY helper!

A few weeks ago when I went to take pics for a Sister-in-Law KT came along as my helper!

I couldn't have found a better helper if I had PAID them..(Although she did raise her helper prices from FREE to a meal at Carl's Jr.--Best $3 I ever invested in!!!)

Here she is tying the little tyke's shoes...the parents had wandered off to take care and play with the other 4 kids and we were trying to work with little Man here to get one pic of him smiling!

See...I just get to snap away while she makes sure the kid is picture perfect!

Here she is trying to show the kids what they need to do for the picture...and trying to convince them how cool it is!

Seriously...she was awesome...had to snap a pic of it!!!

So I'm giving KT a shout out!

Telling her that even though she IS technically my Sister-in-Law...which legally gives me the right to hate and complain about her...

I choose to look at her as more of just a my true FLESH and BLOOD...

Because, dang it, I love her! And her comedic husband! And her two adorable kids!

Plus, on Saturday she turned 31, I believe...which makes her OLDER than me and makes me love her even more...because NO MATTER how much cuter she looks, how much MORE weight she has lost, or how LIKEABLE she is to everyone around her...

I'll always have that!

Happy Birthday Freak Show...i love ya!


P.S. So who wants to be my NEW HELPER??? Cause I'm pretty sure now that I've let the cat out of the bag...I might just lose my volunteers!

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