Thursday, October 9, 2008

So HUMOR me...

Okay, so I'm totally bored and I want to amuse myself this morning, so roll with me here.

I've written many a posts about THE CONFESSIONS OF A PIONEER WOMAN site.

First of all, she was the first BIG blogger person that I found by going on one of my friends' sites and then clicking her sister-in-laws sisters site who had posted about Ree (And yes we are on a first name basis…okay, me and like 10,000 or more other readers) ROMANTIC real-life love story that she wrote about her and her Husband she calls Marlboro Man or MM for short. I really don't understand why she calls him that-maybe for the rugged effect?…because she has admitted that he doesn't even smoke. That's beside the point.

I pretty much go to her site EVERY day…she was first on my Google Reader when I discovered it and I haven't stopped visiting since.

Plus she gives Great prizes away.

So you get it right? I'm committed. And EVERY time I leave a comment.

At first my comments were nice…sweet…logical--Being NEW to her site, I didn't want her thinking I was PSYCHO…ya know, you've all felt the same way at some point, I'm sure.

Then I realized that she may READ every comment, but being as BUSY as I'm sure she is…she doesn't have time to comment back on EVERY comment. I get that. She has a cook book coming out…she has photography to take…home school to do…a ranch to help uphold.

So I thought to myself…she probably comments back only on those comments that STICK out…make a statement.

So a few months back I dedicated myself to making up the wittiest comments I could. Just to see if I could get a response.

And I get some visitors from her site every once in a while…then the wondering starts…

"Is it Ree visiting from her site? IF it is, why doesn't she leave me a comment? Just a quick 'Hello Shelle, I'm a lurker, decided to FINALLY comment' or something similar to that? It's probably just another reader who read my comment and wanted to come over to my site to see, in person, the CRAZY lady…as I'm sure I am humbly called. Yea that's probably it…"

So my point?

I've never gotten a comment from her…and this morning I was thinking…(which can be scary sometimes, this being one of those times)…Remember a while ago…like a few years ago…when David Letterman started this quest to get Oprah back on his show? Basically everyday he would give us a count on how many days it had been that Oprah still hadn't replied or acknowledge Dave's request to be on the show…it was hilarious. Click here for the clip of when she finally came on the show after 16 and 1/2 years.

So I am going to do something similar…just to humor myself.

I'm going to start a countdown to how many days Ree hasn't commented on my website--bwahahahahah…seriously, I'm dying here--let me wipe my tears from laughing for a sec.

Okay, I'm good.

Here is what I ask from you. If you EVER go over and visit Ree's Pioneer Women site…in YOUR comments will you put something like 'Hey that Shelle over at is SO cool…you should go over there and leave a comment' or 'If I could be anybody else in the world besides myself, and of course you Ree, I would be Shelle at should check her out and leave a comment!'
Something like that. :) hahahahaha! Just to help THE cause...and plus, it'd be dang funny.

Okay--I best go be a Mom now and live my everyday REAL life--I'll join the virtual world later tonight!

Love ya,


P.S. For a REALLY good post on politics from a fellow blogger who I this, since I'm too afraid to post ANYTHING about it! Okay I'm not really afraid, but she is just better at stating things :)

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