Sunday, October 12, 2008


The only reason they call this kind of stuff a MEME that I can get you talk ALL about yourself. Which you know I LOVE to do, but when I'm put on the spot, if you can believe, I freeze! I can't think of a thing about almost sad. For a few minutes I withdrawal in myself and get utterly and horribly depressed about how unoriginal and totally boring I am.

But after the .34 seconds, so not even a whole second, I'm good and my vain, selfish, and wonderful personality emerges.

So I was tagged most recently by Jen B. and Binks about 7 quirky things about me (but Binks' was only suppose to be 6...They were most recent, but I have had wonderful others that have tagged me about this as well. :) Thank you guys for even THINKING about me to tag me. I also got tagged about showing the contents of my purse...but I'm deathly afraid of what I'm going to find in that one might take after sessions from a therapist, that I don't even have.

Okay--let's get on with this:

1. I scare easily...even if I see someone coming to scare me, or see them around the corner to scare me...when they jump out to scare me...I scream! I have even been known to hit someones chair or my husband at a movie theater. But take me to a Haunted House...and just doesn't do it for me!

2. I hardly EVER dream, if ever, so when I do...I analyze the HECK out of them...even though I KNOW it was just a dream.

3. I LOVE, LOVE peanut butter on my pancakes.

4. I hate I've never gone to get one done by a professional...the only person that I can tolerate is Mountain Sport Man and that is because he's incorrigible.

5. I still read like 5 or 6 books a week...even when I'm busy...I always find time. That means I get almost Zero sleep...because when I start a book, I get really into them and it's hard for me to put them down. Going along with that...I HATE finishing a book...I'm always a little bit sad. So I LOVE series!

6. I'm guilt driven with almost everything in my life. With my religion--I feel guilty when I'm not doing the things I'm suppose to be doing. With my kids--I feel guilty when I'm working and when I'm too tired to spend time with them--that goes for my husband also. I feel guilty when I haven't seen extended family or close friends for a while--I feel guilty when I put my foot in my mouth when speaking with people, then I try whatever I can to make it right again, I think they call that back peddling. I feel guilty when I dry heave at anything that throw up, when I should be holding my kids' heads to comfort them, or when I would change their diapers. You get the picture.

7. I love being pregnant...I love Labor/Delivery...what I hate, the healing process afterwards along with being the sole provider of my infant 24/7. You may think that makes me a bad person, but it's how I feel. My favorite part after having my babies was the time when they could sit up by themselves and I could finally have some time to do other things. Don't hate me, that's how I feel...sorry. Again, now I feel guilty for even saying that...but I'd feel even more guilty for not saying it because it's true and I always like to keep it real! :)

8. There is only suppose to be seven...but I just want to state this...I have Quirky humor, I LOVE to amuse myself. And my husband KNOWS and LOVES this about I was surprised when this happened...I want ALL of you to know that I am NOT a stalker...when my husband found out about THIS post he said, "Great, now everyone that knows me that reads your blog is going to think I am married to a stalker!" I said, "But you KNOW me, you know I am just doing this because I think it's funny...not REALLY because I care about the comment!" He said, "I know, but THEY don't."

So for all of you that DON'T know me, but KNOW my husband...or are reading this blog for the first time...I AM pretty boring and normal...but I LOVE to do things to make me laugh...because I like to find humor in life! :) So in light of ALL of that...

Day 3--NO comment from Ree! :) Love ya sweetheart! lol! And thanks Binks and Insane Mama for letting me go see your comments...made my WHOLE day...I'm glad others out there have fun with my QUIRKY humor! lol!

Okay...I think the rules are that I'm suppose to tag like 7 other people. But then I would feel guilty for leaving people out...or maybe for making them feel obligated to do it because I asked them. SO...feel free to consider yourself tagged if you'd like to tell the world your quirky side...or feel free to ignore it! :)

Love ya


P.S. Don't forget DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN posts tomorrow! We have ONE winner...let's see who's this weeks! It was so don't miss out and come play along. Click here for rules and what the Grand Prize is for this Month! :)

P.P.S. Hey girls that I went to Pizza Factory with...I LOVED our conversation and getting together with you guys, you know who you are, thanks SO much for not holding back! I sincerely had the BEST time! I love you guys! :)

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