Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

TIME'S UP!!!! Post later today! Thanks for all those that played...I had the best day yesterday laughing my head off! YOu guys are the best!

***Update: Only 15 more minutes!!! So unless I get a few more votes in there these will be the standings! I LOVE IT! Here is who is in the running so far--although I do believe there may be some stuffing the ballot if you know what I mean...only I didn't make a rule for that so it is all fair game:

1. Kenz-13
2. Jia and Becky-9
2. Jill Jill-4
3. Krista-3
4. FamFive-2
5. Brooke, Binks, and Marinka-1

Thems the keep voting-you have until 10 am tomorrow morning!

***Remember to come back and VOTE for your favorite...only picking one...sorry, can't pick mine...I know, a total tragedy!!!

Don't You Hate It When you revert back to being a college student to donate plasma (Hey, I could save a life you know, it's not just about the money)--in order to make money for a contest you may be running on your blog!

That's right people...I have reverted to pimping out my plasma to afford some bad A prizes for this contest...and to help pay off some debt--to help the economy you know...I'm a giver!

That's not the funny part though...the funny part is A) I am a LEFT-ARM only--which means that I only have veins good enough in my left arm to donate. B) I only have ONE vein that they can find in that left arm that they feel comfortable enough finding a safe place to poke me in.

Which means...I risk the health of my body, life, and veins everytime I donate...because my risk for HEMATOMA is, I guess, pretty high...because my veins are small.

But it's all for you...and the life of my blog...because I care.

So to top it off...not two weeks ago I went in to donate and...wait for it...I got a Hematoma...darn Phlebotimist poked right through my one and only good not only did I have a Baseball sized bump on my arm that hurt like H..E..Double hockey sticks...but then I got a crazy, yuck, bruise on my elbow, and I can't donate until the bruise goes away!

I swear...sometimes the contest gods are against me. ready to play today?'s the official start of the contest, click here for the rules and what is up for winning for the month of OCTOBER!!!

Okay here is a sneak peek of what you can win for this month...the BIG GRAND PRIZE...LOVE IT!

You can pick your own color and engrave something on the back! If you have one can always use it as a Christmas Gift for someone else...Pretty cool right? :)

Okay...go ahead and link up! And may the best blogger obviously would be ME if I actually got to play...but since it's not, GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS!!! So go on...everybody's doing it!



P.S. See that ad stuff on the Left of my sidebar...says, BLOGHER...yea, feel free to click on that once or twice or a gizillion times! Who may free me from this plasma bondage i find myself in! loL!

P.S.S. OKay I'm going to confess down here where some of you won't read to...I don't REALLY donate plasma for prize money...I donate to help pay off our debt faster...sorry to be a buzz just sounded funnier to donate for the prizes! lol!

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