Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Waste...Voting at the Poll...and Internet Dating...

You know what sucks about holding a contest...is when you have to waste a WHOLE post to explain it. Ya know? Totally annoying!!!

Anyway...now we have our FINAL FOUR...which is WAY more exciting then the final four during March Madness...

Just saying...

Those four are:
Week 1-Kenz (A funny yet sad story of heroism and honeymoons)

Week 2-Nan (An embarrassing story of confetti down there!)

Week 3-Shannon (A funny story of Drive Thru windows and Birds chirping!!!)

Week 4-Bonnie (talking about nipples and pipes and everything nice to Brad Pitt!)

Here are what the FOUR are competing for:

They can pick the color they want and get to engrave something on the back! Pretty cool right? :) Now this is a SHUFFLE...not to be confused with a NANO...got it...NO SCREENS on these babies...just something to click on yourself while you listen to your tunes!

Okay...this is how it will go...

On my RIGHT hand side bar there will be a POLL...with each of their names...you just CLICK on the name of the person you want to vote for and VIOLA...it's done!

Now I would appreciate it if you would ONLY vote ONCE...but it's on your honor because I will have no way of monitoring it! You will have until October 31, 2008 to vote...all the way up until MIDNIGHT--MST TIME....wooooooo...Maybe it will be like EBAY and I stay up watching until the last minute to see who comes out the winner? Or maybe I will take a shower, pick my dry boogers, turn off my lights so the Trick or Treaters will know I am SCROOGE of Halloween and nod off to bed?

One never knows!

Okay...the voting starts now...

Kenz, Nan, Shannon, and Bonnie? You might want to get people to come over and vote for you all week...text message your friends and family or pay people off! Whatever you must do...just make sure you mention somewhere in your post how COOL I am...(I wouldn't have to say that if I really WAS cool...but oh well!)

Okay...well...the rest of my friends...that stick with me even when I have to waste a post on explaining DUMB rules about contests...

Will you answer me ONE THING?

If you could meet me in person...Would you? Or what that freak you out? Like internet dating does with some people...although I find it quite romantic...Internet dating that is...not meeting my BBFF's in person!

Just wondering...



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