Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes I call her Whiny-Butt...

Okay, I'll admit, sometimes I can be Mommy Dearest (Remember that old show?)...but most of the time, I think, I'm pretty cool and we pretty much have a happy go-lucky life...

Or so I like to portray on my blog and to the people of the world...for some reason I feel like a failure of the most failures if I show my kids less than perfect...

Okay-I don't. I'm kidding. I don't care what people think...most of the time anyway--

But I looked back through my archives and MOST of the time I am only showing the pictures of when my kids, and especially PeePs, is smiling and performing in front of the camera...remember this post?

Well...she is not always fun and games, and she doesn't ALWAYS want her picture taken. At those times, I swear, she was adopted and not from my biological she doesn't want to turn the right angle and smile away I'll never know...most of the time she does...and most of the time I can coax her into playing along with me and my camera session.

But this day...the day I needed her to be at her peak...she decided to be the WHINY lie...and then I VOW she is sick...that she must be coming down with some kind of terminal illness because, "This is just not like her" I explain to her teacher who is trying to leave and get to the rest of her day!

I went into this thinking I would get the best and cutest photos of my little girl in the stuff her Aunt Mandi made her so that Mandi could put them on her blog to display to clients...

Note to self: Only natural light...florescent!

Do you see what I mean though...I coaxed...I made silly faces...I bribed Dora treats...I no avail!

Then I used reverse Psychology...I said, "Never mind PeePs, don't are no good at it anyway...and I bet Aunt Mandi will want another little girl to wear your cute stuff to take pictures of her"--okay I'm pretty much trying to bully her...I get it...I was desperate!
So then I got that---half smile.

and so I continued, "No, PeePs...don't do it...don't you dare smile! I'm done..." then I looked away and pretended to turn my camera off.

And then VIOLA...she gives me one little laugh smile...and like a Ninja on the run I pulled my camera up and snapped away! But then she was back to whining...

See...this was mid-smile-almost-a-whine face...I got a close up so you could see can thank me later!
Then I just got head...she was done, and she hadn't even I thought to myself...'Oh good...I can snap a shot of the bow!!!

When I'm handed Lemons...I make lemonade people!

So any tricks you can send my way of how to bring the sweet princess out of the Whiny Butt child when I'm desperate...please let me know! ASAP!!!

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