Monday, October 6, 2008

WEEK 1 WINNER--Let's break it down during reflection time!

KENZ after the votes came are our FIRST winner of the Don't You Hate It When contest! Congratulations! Now I will email you the code to this button and you can put it on your side bar! Isn't it so funny! Wear your badge with pride! You will also be up on my sidebar for all of those that didn't get a chance to check out your post...can go and check it out--it's one of those that you feel bad, like when someone trips, but you can't help but laugh! :)

Coming in a close second were Jia and Becky--both hilarious posts! If I were rich...everyone that entered would get a yellow participation ribbon! Okay...that isn't funny...booohahahaha!

Blog Button 5

So now all of you only have 3 more chances to win for the next three weeks...and then we vote for the favorite of the month and they could win:

An IPOD shuffle...because that is the Grand Prize for the can pick your color and what you want engraved on the back! So NEXT Monday we start another round...don't forget!!!

Now to reflect.

You may not know this about me but I am a sucker for SELF-HELP books. LOVE THEM. For some reason I feel that if I read a self-help book that I am automatically first in line for good karma...and so I read them.

I'm LDS/Mormon/Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...I know, BIG shocker right? You didn't get that from all the blog buttons that have MORMON or LDS BLOGGERS written all over them?


This weekend was MY church's (not yours...but mine...mine, mine, mine) Semi-Annual General Conference. Which is ONE big self-help book!

Let me break it down this way. I am convinced that the Leaders of MY church sit around and discuss their topics...and I believe that it goes a little something like this:

One of the Many Leaders: "So what do you feel SHELLE needs to work on in the next six months that I can give a talk about?"

Another Great Self-less leader of MY church: "Yea, there are SO many things that it's hard to narrow down. Let's hit the topics that she is weakest in and go from there."

Big Man On Campus Leader of MY CHURCH: " have your mission if you so choose to accept it...Shelle is a tough one boys...but let's make sure we choose the ones that make her laugh AND cry...bringing it all home with words that will keep her uplifted and on track to accomplishing her goals!"

Really...that is how it must go, because EVERYTIME, and I mean everytime, I feel like they are talking straight to ME! And even though I feel like sometimes I am being chastise by my favorite Uncle, Aunt, or the end of most of their talks I feel ready to renew myself and commit to being a better all around know, a selfless, loving, and committed person to my family, friends, and others I associate with.

So I love Conference. I look forward to it every April and October.

But not ONLY do I get to listen to the beloved leaders of MY church on those has also been a tradition for the past couple of years for my girls (and when I say that I mean my Mom, sisters, and Sister-In-Laws) to get together and have a weekend of it. Doing whatever girls, attempt to craft, and go to dinner!

It was a lot of fun! We were going to make our project the FAMILY calendar...but we ended up working and helping our Sister-in-Law Mandi get some pictures taken for her small business she has.

She makes custom things such as bows, tutu's, leg warmers, wipe covers, 9 Month Pregnancy books and more...we wanted to take some pictures of the stuff she made for our girls last weekend so she can finally get her blog up and running! She makes AWESOME costumes for babies and girls for Halloween...I'm going to link to her blog as soon as she has it ready... it is GREAT and she is incredibly talented! I can't wait to show her off...

Even better...I got to take more pictures...and I can't help but share them with you guys...I had a BLAST shooting them!

Okay I'll admit helps when the people I'm shooting are gorgeous and adorable...but credit!

Love ya

And really guys...thanks SO much for playing this Monday...I'm so loving all of it! :)

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