Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where I give away my free time!!! :)

Over at Crash Test Dummies(CTD) of my very new favorite sites, thanks to the Funny Farm...she is having a contest and her partner in crime (who is her long lost cousin? Over at Art-n-Sewl) is doing it with her!!!

So this is what happened. CTD, I have been noticing, has been hanging around at my joints, my hangouts, my PeePs' blogs...sarcastically commenting and leaving her incredible creative writing talents spread around like a disease to the rest of us who have no creative writing talent whatsoever--out showing us all!!! Each post is funnier then the next (forget about her comments) and her follower numbers are creeping up, ever so quickly, where she will by pass me like all the rest of you have (Please all you Provo bloggers out there, follow ME not her, I may not leave you holding your sides laughing, but I got REE from Pioneer Woman to comment on my blog, doesn't that count for anything?)...yet I have been doing this blogging thing for alot longer--where's the respect!!! (that is a subliminal message to follow me if you haven't already)

I decided to use her naive beginner blogging friendship to my advantage...

She asked me to donate a prize to her contest she is doing (FORGET THE FACT that it is a super fabulous contest and idea) stroking my ego and telling me how AMAZING my picture taking skills are...while also, telling me hers are less superior than mine (if you read her know she is a total over exaggerater for the expense of writing a good post--so what I am saying is, she totally lied! :))-so I am giving away my free time to some unsuspecting family to take their pictures....booowawahahaha...and guess what...I'm even going to travel to them if they don't live near's THAT for taking advantage of her!!!hahahahaha!


She has the upper hand?

She had me at "stroking my ego"?

Okay, your right...I also lie!

WEll anyway, go over to her site...or her long lost cousins site and enter her contest with your BEST 500 written word, real or not real, ghost story!!!

And YES I am extremely envious that she got TAMNers to donate to her contest...hello...even though TAMNers is making fun of people that talk like she does on her blog, I was already that way before her dumb and popular blog even started, who says SERIOUSLY all the time on her blog???!!! Me...that would be me! It's like High School all over again...I never get the credit! (I love you TAMNers and your so blessed husband JJWT and your double FETI growing in your hard rock me...donate to my contest!)

And may the best blogger win!!!



P.S.--BTW...the other prizes are INCREDIBLE and fun and I hope I win Katie Holme's $50.00!!!

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