Thursday, October 2, 2008

It took some coaxing...F X 4!

I have been meaning to get out to practice taking shots of PeePs to catch the light in her eyes...and I wanted some official 3 year pictures.

So Monday was her Pre-School picture day and I dressed her up in a dress she hates, she whined about it the whole time until one of the teachers told her how pretty it was...and then she wouldn't take it off the rest of the day...she's a total girl! and I 3 barreled curled her hair.

Anyway...later that day the light was great so I decided to take her out and try some shots...

At first she wasn't to keen on the took a little coaxing...

She's a Pre-Madonna...totally high maintenance!

But then I got her to laugh...not to pat myself on my back or anything...but I'm good at making my kids laugh!

What? You are too?

Hey, this is about ME...please focus okay?

This shot was awesome--her true smile!!! I messed around a little bit with photo shop, obviously, and this is the OLD SKOOL action by Totally Rad Actions!

But then again...I didn't do to bad with the shot just as it is...right? I LOVE color! And look at that light in her eyes...I was excited to say the least!

Go over and play with everyone else at Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

I have finally decided what the prize is going to be for the Month of October...I'll make the official announcement on Sunday with a picture of what the prize is, it is going to be AWESOME!

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Official rules and more info will be posted on Sunday so everyone will know for sure what is going on...but mostly I just want it to be fun!

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