Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's Old...really really OLD!

Today is an incredibly special day. Today 34 years ago, the man of my dreams, my other half, my one and only, my husband, was born into this world!

I can honestly say that I married a really good man. He's an incredible father to his kids and treats me, most of the time :), like gold!

This is what I mean.

1. He won't park in Handicap stalls because 1) it's against the law and 2) he doesn't want to be parked there if by some chance there is someone that actually might need the parking space.

2. He goes to church and fulfills his callings because of his testimony of the gospel and "it's what he's suppose to do".

3. He comes home from work or school and instead of being grumpy and mean and telling his wife and kids to give him a half hour to relax from the day…he wants to play with his kids and make out with his wife. Pretty much that is the routine EVERYDAY!

4. To my ever-consistent-back-seat-driver-tactics, he won't speed, because again, it's against the law and it's not safe. This one IS a good thing I know and understand…but it’s a hard one for me because I am forever late and since I began driving I have had somewhat of a lead foot…but no matter what, and no matter where we have to be, he obeys all traffic laws…yet, he'll throw himself down a steep mountain terrain on a bike that has two slim wheels or a board with himself strapped in because he "loves the adrenline rush"! Explain THAT one to me?

5. Even though I have gained weight since having my kids…he still tells me and SHOWS me how sexy he thinks I am…right there should give him the NOBLE PEACE PRIZE among married couples…just saying.

6. The few times in my life when he has been needed to stand up for ME…he has been there, my ever Knight in Shining Armor! He always makes sure I am taken care of first...whether that is using his jacket because I forgot mine in below zero temperatures...or other things behind closed doors! :)

Same goes for his kids. Except for the behind closed doors part. He is always playing the Martyr...our secret joke! lol!

7. Speaking of kids…after having each kid, those first few weeks, he was the first one to get out of bed…change their diaper…and return them to me so I could feed them, EACH FEEDING,so like every two hours (with my first one, while I was recovering down there, he even would wake up after I fed them, then burp them, see if they needed to be changed again, and put them back in bed)…even though he had to work the next morning! When he was home, he also bathed them and got them ready for bed and held them until it was time to feed them to put them down for the night.

8. Since we have been married…every night when he FINALLY rolls into bed after doing homework or watching his favorite TV show then falling asleep then waking up to come into bed…he will scoot all the way over to my side of the bed (I like to sleep right on the edge) and cuddle right up to me.

9. Even though I have an alarm to wake me up in the VERY EARLY morning…he knows I have a hard time waking up…so he sets his phone alarm and then proceeds to caress, poke, and kiss me awake until I finally get out of bed. Really…this is the routine EVERY morning that I've had to get up for anything…whether it be my WORK now or when we were first married and I taught a dance team at a College and we practiced in the mornings…it's always been the same!

10. When I don't have to go to work early…and this has also been since we have been married…I get woken up by caresses or kisses for a whole other reason…regardless if we have fought the night before or…well…NOT fought the night before and amused ourselves doing other things. :)

11. After we eat dinner and it is our turn to clean up. Most of the time he is the first to get up and clear off the table and load the dish washer. Although he does leave those NASTY BIG dishes for me, the ones that you have to use your whole body to scrub off! But this is about his GOOD qualities! Lol!

12. He stepped outside of his comfort zone to go back to school at an older age to obtain his degree so that he could provide a better standard of living for us…his family! :) He told me that we will always be provided for no matter how many jobs he has to take on. It is killing him that I have to work while he goes to school because he knows I'd rather stay home with the kids. But now, he says I must keep my job because he's not willing to give up the benefits (I work at an airline!)--go figure! :)

13. He insists on showering with me. He makes sure those hard to reach places are thoroughly cleaned! lol!

14. He has never given me a hard time about Girls Nights Out or Girls Weekends(which actually happen quite often)...he just plans a full day of fun activities for him and the fact, I never hear from the beginning it use to make me feel bad, but NOW I appreciate it! :)

15. He's got incredible green/hazel eyes...with lashes longer than any man has a right to have!

16. His lips are beautiful...and he'll only get me to say this, this one time, PERFECT...the little scar he got from falling off his mountain bike and rolling down a moutain...only ADDS to them!

17. His height is 6'1" which fits my 5'7" frame perfectly!

18. He has a husky, sexy, phone lie...half our courtship I preferred to call him just to hear his voice!

19. He's a manly man...but one of his favorite shows is Extreme Home Make Over...and every time he sees the ending where the family says, "Move That BuS"...he is softly crying.

20. And to me...and I'm only speaking for myself...He's Dang Sexy!!!

So if you have the time...tell him Happy Birthday...and whatever else you wish to say! lol! But the end...he's MINE, all MINE, and the sucker is stuck with me FOREVER!!! Thank goodness for Temple Marriage! :)

Let me be the first on this blog to say, Happy Birthday Sweetheart! You still look good for an old fart! :)



P.S. Someone must have punk'd me or REE really left a comment on my blog! lol! No lie...just go and check out the comments from the post below! Of COURSE, she is going to come over to my blog when I state that I've given up! lol! So even though I imagine someone is probably playing a joke...I'm taking it as successfully getting her to comment on my blog...even though the credit again has to go to my valiant soldiers Binks, Kritta, and Insane Mama (please come back IM everyone in the blog world will miss you!!!) I'm sure I'll write more about this when it isn't my husband's birthday! :)

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