Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I like Big Butts...and Operation 1 Take Down lil' sista!

I take a Hip-Hop class on Tuesday and Thursday nights from the same teacher as my son does on Tuesday evenings.

The real VAIN reason I signed my kid up for Hip-Hop...

I signed him up because I didn't want him to be one of those really hot guys in high school (because let's face it, he's going to be hot...I can say that, he's my kid) that stood by the wall at high school dances and didn't dance with anybody! I want him to be comfortable enough with rhythm and movement to get out there and bust a move!

Really! That is why I signed him up...and it so happens that in our town we have an amazing male Hip-Hop teacher--Scott Watts...which is exactly what I needed to cinch the deal on signing him up...because there is almost nothing worse than a boy learning from a girl Hip-Hop teacher...they need to learn how to move like a male! Just saying...

Last night his teacher comes up to me and says, "I have the funniest thing to tell you" then he starts to laugh. "Did DCar ever tell you about our Hip-Hop homework?"

"Yeesss" I said slowly. DCar and I went over hip-hop songs every chance we could get so he would be prepared for class...since I'm on the uppity-up with those things...I am a dance teacher after all...(or was, until I took a break from which I'm not sure I'll return from) anyway, yes, I knew about the Hip-Hop homework. But I wasn't sure where he was going with all of this...and so I was a little tentative.

"Okay so I ask each student what Hip-Hop song they like this week" he start to chuckle again, "and DCar goes...'I like Big Butts'..." he laughs, "the his friend by him and DCar get up and proceed to shake their booty's! It was hilarious!"

"WOW...he didn't! We didn't really go over that one!" I laugh...I'm sorry, but it's almost the only song beside "Ghetto Superstar" that I know word for word (both of which I still have on my IPOD and I listen to reguarly, and I use to play all the time in my car because DCar like to groove to the beat)! He must have picked up on that!

Then he says, "Oh yea, and him and this kid started singing the song word for word!"--of course he does!

That's my boy!

Is that something I am going to have to worry about in the future? Will that effect his opinion of women when he gets older?

My opinion? I think that will give him a sense of compassion and open his eyes to a whole new way to look at a girl...and not let the Media control who is beautiful....ummmm, yea, that!

aaaahhhh...who cares...let's face it...I don't! He was the comedian of the night, and that is what's most important! I love it when my kid is funny...without even really trying to warms my heart! lol!

Let's not confuse this with my lil's sisters butt, she's got back, but in a good way...NO I didn't forget Kiss that we are at war! But I am pretty much kicking my own self in the butt with that picture...I'm looking super UG! LOVE YA!

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