Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you...NEW CONTEST...and I WON!!!

I can't tell you how very thankity thankful I am feeling. To quadruple the participation for the Don't You Hate It When thing I have started was SO Great! The posts were hilarious! Staci's comment which included her Don't You Hate It When was so funny I blew snot out my nose! Click on the link and read those posts if you missed out yesterday...I promise...you won't regret it! Thanks you guys for making my Monday a little brighter and for giving me something to laugh about!

There were a few suggestions to make it even better. The one I want to pounce on, which was suggested by Binks and Tiff, was to make a contest out of it! That would be sweet right? My only problem is I'm not as rich as I make myself sound to be...and I pretty much suck at making anything worthwhile to give-away...

But I won't give up...

This is my suggestion...

Those of you that would like to DONATE your talents and would like to help with my contest prizes in return with me shouting out your praises and giving you lots of Honorable Mentions and Linky Love would be much appreciated by EVERYONE involved.

For the first prize...I will do it personally...but as soon as I can gather up some good prizes from some very talented people we will be rolling with a great CONTEST!

Okay, so this is what I was thinking...Each week people will post their ROFL post...then whether you participate with the post or not...people will check out all the posts...then they will come back to my site and leave a comment on who they thinks post was the FUNNIEST, BEST, most ROFL type!

Then I will tally up who the winner is and post it on my sidebar for the week...each week for the month will have a winner...then I will have a pole at the end of the month on the top 4...and everyone will vote who the winner is for the month! I will have those that win each week posted the whole week/month...then the MONTHLY winner will win a big prize!!!

Now if I get enough prize donations, then weekly winners will receive not only glory for winning, but they will also receive a prize!

What do you think?

Sounds like fun right? LIKE A great idea! I'm full on smiling with GLEE right now at the prospects!

So this is what I ask from you...spread the word that I am looking for talented people to donate prizes in return for linky love and Mentions throughout my blog and others...So you'll have to take a risk and see if it helps or benefits you...but email me at blokthoughts@gmail.com!

I can see this becoming really big and fun...but we will have to wait and see!

Since NEXT week is officially the FIRST whole week of October we will start the contest next week! I will be giving away the first FULL month winner prize...and it will be good...just not sure what it will be yet...but have faith, I will think of something great and worthwhile! :)

OKAY...have to make a shout out to one of my NEW favorite photography sites...MOMSHOTS.com...

I WON...my first prize...I WON!!!

NO lie...I have entered a quadrillion giveaways and I never win...the Random Integer thing doesn't like me...but today...today my luck turns...I was picked and I feel like jumping on a plane and flying to the Bahamas to celebrate!

I wanted this one really bad because it's a photography book...and I am forever trying to get better at this craft...forever learning...and it looked like an incredible book that would help me immensely! Thanks again...MOMSHOTS!



Okay this fabulous website HandBag Planet is giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours...you MUST check it out...what girl doesn't need a new handbag like every month? I LOVE LOVE LOVE handbags so I must win! Love ya all! Now go enter yourself...or don't...more chances for me to win!

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