Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

Don't You Hate It When you kick yourself in the head while dancing on National T.V.?

I know I!

I know I already showed this on my blog when I told of my embarrassing moment...but that was back when pretty much my Mom and my lil' sis read me I wanted to re-show this video...because EVERYBODY should see it!

I admit...I laughed at this more than once! hahahaha!


So are you in this week? You going to play in my new little game?

Here are the rules:
Don't you hate it when is the theme. Your post must TRY to be humorous or awe inspiring! You can link a picture, tell a story, link to a video or post a personal long as it is attempting to make us Roll On Floor Laughing, or in text form (ROFL)! And if you will please link back to my site so that others can play along with us!!! Thanks.

Just so nobody gets missed...I joined this MR. LINKY's incredibly easy and that way if I don't get to my email until Monday afternoon...I won't have missed anybody wanting to see the others that have already linked up! So below just add whatever name you want...then enter the Don't You Hate It When post URL link...please try just to post THAT post and not just your in case you post on top of the Don't You Hate It When post people will just be directed straight to the Don't You Hate It When post not having to waste precious seconds trying to find it...

Everyone still with me?

Good...go up!

Oh and then leave me a comment...because I love me some comments! :)

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