Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't you hate it when....

Aren't Mondays either REALLY good days...or terrible days? They never seem to be in the middle...and I for one think it has something to do with the previous weekend, but that's just me.

In the spirit of trying NOT to copy other sites...but with everything out there it is hard not to...I want to make Monday a little more merrier, if you please...

So this is more to pay compliment to my friend Candid Carrie...and others out there that present opportunities to link up and share the love of other sites on your site and create a community of friends...


It's Monday...and I can't think about all this confusion...

So without further ado...and wanting to do this for some time but afraid I would step on virtual toes...but then realizing no matter what I try to come up with someone has already been there done that in this virtual world of blogging...I want to try something out...for my OWN amusement...and let's face it--at times, I am a lazy blogger!

I want YOU to bring the humor to me and OTHERS...(it will be like with Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, where we each share a picture and tell why we love it...and then are provided by other people coming to our blog, and us finding treasured sites out there we would have never come upon if Candid Carrie hadn't provided us with lengthy linky love--but completely different...except for the linky love!)

Okay so this is what I tell me if you want to be a part of it!

I want to start a DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN...themed linky thinger! To be honest, I'm not sure what they call it formally in the blog world...but here are the rules if you want to participate.

Don't you hate it when is the theme. Your post must TRY to be humorous! You can link a picture, tell a story, link to a video or post a personal long as it is attempting to make us Laugh Out Loud On The Floor...or as I was informed it is officially Rolling On Floor Laughing, or in text form (ROFL)! Thank Binks for filling me in!

You will link back to me, email me at ...SUBJECT: ROFL...and I will post your link on my blog...then others can find your humorous post and laugh along with you...or at you if you are me! You don't have to do a new post if you don't want can provide me with the link to any ol' post anytime...I'll just post them on Monday's! This week though...I will have a post that stays at the top and link all week...provided I get anyone to participate!!! lol!

This will provide me with humor on Monday's and make them something to look forward to...and this will give you something to blog about if you have nothing else...just remember, you have to start your story, picture, or video out with the words...

Don't You Hate It When...

Here's a few examples!

Don't you hate it when someone snaps a picture of you and you are reminded of why you shouldn't have eaten that last brownie...

That's my backside...and don't worry, I was buying a water!!! lol!

Don't you hate it when a wall comes at you, with a shape you should form, but there is no way you are fitting yourself into that shape or the size of hole it provides for you in the wall? Thanks to Shannon at the Nuthouse...I was reminded of the Season Premiere of this show:

Don't you hate it when you are talking to someone about a serious subject and all of a sudden you feel that drop in your stomach, the churning of your bowels, the urge you just can't deny? Yea that was me at the store the other day. I run into a friend and we get to talking...when all of a sudden I HAVE to go to the bathroom.

I slowly sqeeze my bum cheeks together in hopes that the pain of my stomach will lessen and I won't have to embarrass myself by breaking conversation to run to the bathroom in hopes that it doesn't escape out my ever so tight sphincter!

To no avail, I try to find some place in the conversation to politely end it, because I have begun to sweat. My head has beads of perspiration and my upper lip has become moist. As my friend continues to talk oblivious to the pain I am in, I silently am having the battle of my life with my mind and my weak human body!

'Please!' I tell myself, 'Don't embarrass me...just wait a few more minutes...then I will walk, at a really fast pace, to relieve us of this agonizing pain we are in...please DO NOT threaten to purge yourself of any bodily contents right now...just hold out a few more minutes!'

I am surprised that my friend hasn't noticed the strain in my voice or the slight tremor in my hands as I hold on to my cart for dear life! I pray for a lull in the conversation...I pray for mercy to find a plausible excuse of why I must cut our conversation short! Surely she must see that the smile I convey on my lips is just plastered there...that there is no warmth to it...that surely it looks like I am in pain of some sort, I couldn't be THAT good of an actress...could I?

Apparently I was...or my friend was in desperate need to converse with an adult...because she continued to talk and I continued to suffer for another 10 minutes...but it seemed like 2 hours! Before the conversation ended, I had prayed to my Father in Heaven stating promises to him that I would sacrifice my children, if need be, if I could just be relieved of the pain I was in...curse my bowels, curse the timing, curse my bum muscles for tiring and threatening to loose before the conversation ended.

After 10 minutes of the most agonizing pain...pools of sweat later...and threatening to pass out, I mumbled, grumbled, or mouthed my sorry excuse...which I can't even remember...and raced to the nearest restroom where I humbly bowed my head and thanked heaven above that I made it!

Yea...I REALLY hate it when that happens!

So how about you want to play? Would you consider playing? NO pressure this Monday, of course, but prepare your post or write one this week for next Monday! Come on...will ya do it? Don't leave me hanging okay!

My very first player...thanks so much for NOT leaving me hanging!

The Wixom Zoo--I have two words for you...PEEP SHOW!!! lol!

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