Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I's what I do...

INTERRUPTION: I won another award!!! Seriously it's about time :)

I get to nominate others...So real fast...I want to nominate people's blogs I really do love to read and have them on my Google here they are: Life Changes--my lil' sista's blog! Abritdifferent because she has a scotish word of the day and I'm obsessed, Barbalootsuit one other person wittier than me, Happy Mormon he's sugary sweet for his wife, Shannon at the Nuthouse because she reminds me of me, and Natalie she has an incredible voice, and last but not least...Navel Gazing at it's finest because Sue makes me laugh with each post!!!


I woke up, as I do everyday, and thought, "Man, it's hard being me." I live with my parents...not a models dream, but it's what I do until I have saved enough and "grown up" enough to be on my own.

You probably didn't know this about me, my parents don't even know this about me, but I model. Its what I do, what I feel, is the only thing I'm really good at.

I know, I know, shocking! I bet you didn't think I would do that...first of all, keep it from my parents as long as I have, and also that I would feel that, that is one of the only things that I am truly blessed with...the talent of giving off JUST the right angles...knowing where to look while the photographer snaps away.'s what I do.

I didn't start out thinking I would be a wasn't one of those things that I worked on or tried to just comes natural, I can't help being who I am...if this is my lot in life, then I will take it and appreciate what I have been given.

The first pictures ever taken of me where actually nude photos...but they were done without my knowledge and I was in a foreign place and didn't know quite how to speak the language of the land yet, and therefore, didn't know what I was getting into.

As I got use to the camera and began to learn the language and what the photographers wanted...I became a self-proclaimed star...

Just recently I posed in my swimming suit...something I had only done in the privacy of my own home with usually my Mom taking the pictures...I mean, I always wanted to be respected as a model first before I started showing skin...but this day was different.

I walked into the shoot excited and somewhat giddy. They had asked me to bring my own bathing suit because frankly, they didn't have the budget, nor did they have my size amongst the ones they had there. They wanted to do it outside with the natural sunlight. I was surprised when other people were there with their swimming suits also, but was confident in my skills, and knew that if I had to prove it, I could win, hands down.

I slipped my two piece on...white with accents of flowers and hot pink trim--scrunched slightly on the sides, as is the style this year. I walked outside with confidence. I was ready...this is the next step in my career...the photographer was familiar...

The photo shoot was set up so that we could just play around and the photographer could get action shots, real shots, candid shots...but when it was my turn to do what I do best...I didn't let them down...I was really surprised how they turned out...although the red head in the shoot gave me a run for my money...and she had an IN with the photographer (it was the photographers daughter) KNOW what I mean!

Tell me what you think...

Thanks for taking the time to tell me your opinion...



P.S. My sister-in-law sent me these yesterday...and I was rolling on the ground...especially from the first picture! What the heck? Where did she learn THAT from? Should I be worried?

Oh and the "nude" pictures she is referring too...would be at her birth...just in case you didn't pick that up and you thought I went around doing stuff like that!



She is a Porn star in the making!!! Love it!

mrsb said...

LOL! Adorable pictures!

Oh, and I left a little something on my blog for you! Heehee!

Alyson said...

haha, love the model attitude. Very cute pics. I love when your kids surprise you with their sudden "knowledge" on how to stand and show off during a photo shoot. My youngest daughter always pops out her hip and tilts her head. Where do they get this stuff?!

Kritta22 said...

LOL I love it! She is a model, cute little cutie putie!!
I now have MSN and you are added. I'll help you find the stuff when you get on. Really it's no worries. Don't get frustrated. I just wanted to do it and needed a partner. You were my first choice so there. It's just fun and with my hunting skills, and time difference, we aren't going to be anywhere close to first but it's all about the journey, man!! :)
And now we will know how to do it for next time...cuz she's gonna do it again, she said.
Do you totally love it over at momdot or are you just frustrated to not in even care?

abritdifferent said...

Your daughter is beautiful! She has amazing blue eyes that just pop in all her pics.

I had A LOT of catching up to do with you, I rad a ton of your posts on bloglines and I finally feel better now. Looks like you've had a blast!

I was gone on a trip and we bought a puppy too, so he's been sucking all of my blog reading time from me. Sorry I haven't been around!

I saw all your Brit pics great job with those. Btw, did you try my theory out with the toilets???

Blog Stalker said...

LOL, I thought that was where it was going, because I too had a model for a daughter. Still do. If there is any chance of her picture being taken she is a total poser. She definitely had this in her from the get go as we have mountains of photographic proof of her posing!

Enjoy, do not worry.

Barbaloot said...

Looks like she's been watching a little too much 'America's Next Top Model' :) Oh-who am I kidding. I watch that show and practice in the mirror, too! But I'll never be as good as she is.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the award! :) I can't wait to spread the love...

And we are getting freakishly more similar by the day! I have a pic of my oldest girl taken in her swim suit... she just struck a pose and I was like, "where did she come up with that?!?!?" LOL!

Natalie Sue said... very funny! She's gorgeous and she knows it!

DeGraffenried's said...

She's a natural!

binks said...

You are a natural, darling. My only suggestion, for success in the cut throat world of modeling, is to call all the attention to yourself and push those others out of the way. Especially that cute redhead, she may give you a run for your money. Let me know if you need an agent. I am available.

thedailyclick said...

She's adorable! What a little model!
(Hmmm.... I think Sara, my 5-year-old, has that same swim suit.)

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