Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FINALE SYTYCD my opinion...uhhh a little late!

Okay...I watched the FINALE of SO You Think You Can Dance...



Okay, I get that...but hmmm...

Let's just say that a Hip Hop dancer or "untrained" as they kept saying over and over and over again...(we get it, they were "untrained"...even though in Josh's memoir or final talk with Cat he had a picture of him in ballet class (?)...I guess that means he was "untrained"?)...whatever. It was somewhat predictable that someone like that was going to win!

Let's review...

Season 1...best dancer of that season, contemporary/jazz dancer...male--Blake (Caucasian).
Season 2...best performer, but not best dancer...(that would've been Allison or Travis), male (Caucasian)--Ben-BALLROOM dancer.
Season 3...all around dancer, but not best...(that would've been Travis adopted Brother Danny), female--Sabre-- (African American) contemporary/jazz and little training

So season 4 had to be a "less trained" dancer or a different genre and most likely NOT caucasian. So that was Katee only she was a contemporary dancer so to close to Sabre, so she was out, Courtney didn't have a chance, so it was going to be one of the male's. So are you surprised it was the one that could do a double turn?

I'm not...


I was rooting for Twitch myself. I hate being wrong...

Oh well...

I'm definitely driving down to Vegas to see "BELIEVE" with Wade Robson as the choreographer, (it's also a magic show and cirque de solei sort of thing)...are you kidding? That was sick...and I mean that in a good way! Seriously, if you missed the danced (the homage to bunnies) then no worries...I have snatched it from YouTube for your pleasure because I believe you would have loved it as much as me...well if you like the quirky and weird!!!

I always like when they pick their favorite dances...especially when I agree with them! But I forgot about this one because it didn't stick out to me when I had to watch 9 other dances with it and it was first! So here was my favorite for the Finale Show--Katee and Josh in "No Air":

Alright, Alright...I enjoyed watching that kiss at the first of this routine also...it was much better and cleaner this time then it was the first time they performed it...so here it is for your viewing pleasure... "Mercy" by Duffy

Nice right? Go ahead...watch it again...sexy right? It gives me the quirky butterflies in the stomach...so raw! Love it! Makes you wish you danced right? It does me, wish I could dance like that still!!! At least partner dance!

All in all...they were good this year, but if we put Blake, Danny, Travis, and even Neil against any of these...well they wouldn't even come close...just one person's opinion

let's face it...I matter! ha!


P.S. still no Breaking Dawn...so keep quiet!


Marie said...

So where was I when Chelsi got voted off? I thought that she would be in the top four, for sure! Ah well.

So I semi-watched the last episode (where they were performing for the last time, not to be confused with the final). I knew that it was going to be one of the guys, most definitely.

But I was with you, I thought that it was going to be Twitch. I thought that he deserved it more. But they didn't hire me to coreograph or critique the dances, so I guess that I have no room to talk, right? Didn't think so.

So there you go. I didn't even watch the finale, I just saw the recap on the news the next morning I think. I'm a slacker.

So send me an email and I will send you some snipets of my journal about Klay. marie.moser@comcast.net

Kritta22 said...

that bunny dance was one of the weirdest dances I have seen! I enjoyed the door one though.
I didn't watch this season. I have to start from the beginning in order to watch it...oh well!! THanks for sharing!!

binks said...

that bunny thing was disturbing. Due to lack of sleep, I may have nightmares tonight.
Thanks! ;)

Shannon said...

We're SYTYCD junkies here, too... well, at least I am. My girls like to watch it, and hubby will if he has to.

I thought Twitch had it in the bag! Until the last few weeks, anyway... I think maybe he lost some of his confidence the week he went into the bottom 3.

I was hoping for Mark, Chelsie, Twitch and Khearington in the final 4. But at least all my faves made Top 10.

Did you like Comfort? I personally did not. I don't see how she lasted as long as she did. And I did not care for Susie or Thayne, either.

My 5 yr old absolutely LOVES Gev! She was almost in tears when he was voted off!

I do like the "No Air" routine... my other faves are Mark & Chelsie's hip-hop to "Bleeding Love" and Mark & Courtney's jazz to "Garden".

Amanda said...

Bella dies. (hee hee)

Natalie Sue said...

I liked Twitch too, out of the two of them...still loved all the dancing in the finale!

mrsb said...

Read faster.


DeGraffenried's said...

I was routing for Katee or Chelsie but I'll take Josh, Twitch lost it the last two weeks for me.

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