Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love Daddy More...Mommy!

I have baby on the mind...These pics were taken and edited by my sister-in-law's twin sister Mikki...Captured by Mikki is her website and she is an incredible photographer!

But anyway...I have baby on the mind. Not that I particularly want one right's just I love to be reminded of how they smell, what quirky faces they pull when they are trying to awake from their breastmilk induced's priceless, they are priceless.

It's great because I get to see my new little niece quite a bit because they have to come over to the house to use the computer! So I get to get my baby fix.

But it also reminds me of how sweet MY little ones were...

for crying out loud...

why does it ever have to go from sweet smelling, love with out end in their eyes because you changed their diaper, or gave them know, contentment...

to this conversation yesterday...

ME: "PeePs, I love you. You know that?"

PeePs: "No....I no love you Mom...I love Daddy!"

Me: "You can love both Mommy and Daddy...and I love you!"

PeePs: "No"...with a smile, "I love Daddy Mommy...I no love you."
Okay I know she probably doesn't mean it...but being the mature mother that I am...I decided to make sure she learned something from this "TALK" we were having...

Me: "Fine...then I'm not taking you to pre-school anymore." Totally mature...I know.

PeePs: " no take me to Pre-School then I cry at home!" in a whiny voice.

Me: "Well when you love ME then I will take you to Pre-School."

PeePs: "Okay, Daddy take me to Pre-School!" in a excited...I've figured it out voice! "I love Daddy...I no love you Mommy, OKay?"

Me: "Okay, you don't have to love me, PeePs...but when we go to the store today...I can't get you that treat I promised because I only get it for those kids that LOVE I'll have to take DCar with me so I can get him a treat..." Bribery is always OKAY as long as it is for a good cause!

PeePs: Silence..."Mommy, I love you...I just kidding"...Laughs..."I come with you to store and get treat...okay?"

Me: "Oh good...I was hoping you would come around!" I smiled...victory was Mine again! Even if her love was forced!!!

And then I remembered this commercial--and seeing how babies are the theme of this post, sort of, but not really...I thought you might get your laugh of the day from it...ENJOY!



Shannon said...

I've got baby on the brain, too!

I spent yesterday @ my sis-in-law's... she just had her 3rd baby on the 15th! My new little niece is so cute.

And Shane is in the process of transferring our old video tapes to the computer so he can make DVDs... so we've been watching all the old footage of the girls as babies. So stinkin' adorable... I want another one! But we are done. No more babes for us (sigh).

That commercial is too funny!

brooken'dus said...

HAHA funny funny commercial!! I know so how do they go from so sweet and innocent to stinky and mean?!?! It happens to fast!!!
I just got to tend my 2 month old nephew the other day and he was so sweet then he started to scream and cry and I was happy to give him back!! haha!!

binks said...

awwww, you are making me want to have one. Oh wait,
I AM OLD!!! Too late.

Alyson said...

haha, reminds me of the very "mature" conversations I've had with my kids too.

mrsb said...

Still better than when they are going through the hormonal brain damage stage as teens and scream "I hate you!". Gah!

Mindy said...

I'm so glad you have had that conversation with your daughter too! I've had it a few times, same bribes ;) Jason was there one of the times and looked at me like, "How mature are you? You're the MOM? Will you stop it?" Of course I just responded with, "hey, you're not here 24/7 with them, let me handle it myself!"
And Ethan came over while I was watching the youtube video--the baby caught his attention. He is STILL laughing at the baby farting! Nothing more funny to kids than burping and farting!
So should I wait for baby news in the near future?? I'm afraid I'll be in the phase of thinking "babies are long as they belong to somebody else" for a long time, possibly forever! Haven't had sleep back enough to recover from my 19 month old #2 yet :)

Untypically Jia said...

Hey Chica! Because I love your blog, I've given you a Rock on Sistah-Friend award! You can see your blog listed on my blogroll at

Don't forget to check out the rules and pass the love along!

Anonymous said...

Love the ad, that was so funny. So sad that at the end of it I go, "Wilkinson Sword, that's the same company as Schik."

Babies are so amazing, it's getting to that 40-week, past labour and delivery point that gets to me.

Anonymous said...

Kids are so funny! My 5-year-old keeps telling me "I love you, mommy, you're the cutest"... and then 20 minutes later will tell her daddu "I love you daddy, you're the cutest". HEY! I thought I was the cutest?!
And the commercial. Hilarious! Perfect for the shaving post I have planned for the near future.

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