Friday, August 29, 2008

GIVEAWAY: If it were more interesting, I would have a better title!

Eyes are the window's to our soul! Or that is what people say...I say that they are just plain, green, hazel, or brown! I love this picture of my daughter's eyes...

But I also love GIVEAWAY' after checking out CandidCarrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta...then come back...K?

I have hit another of those precious landmarks that I never thought possible! I can't believe there are more and more of you that are reading my junk! It makes me extremely happy and helps me to feel more important than really possible...which helps my ego...which in turns makes me push myself to do even more, okay most of the time I just stand there dumbfounded...I pick the dry boogers from my nose and contemplate the big issues of the what I did to make you want to read my blog!

Never coming up with an answer...I just try to do what is the next best thing...which is to bribe you to keep being my friend, coming to visit my blog, and in turn helping me be a person with a VERY big head.

People that see me in real life don't realize how very important I am becoming...I am thinking of getting a tattoo on my head to advertise my new found I kid, but people do that you know, put tattoo's on their forehead to advertise for people in exchange for money...

In case any of you are contemplating that...let me just remind you that it is PERMANENT...and that even if you tried to get it removed, that it will still be a faded scar of what it once was! So I suggest...not doing that...

Now that I have warned you and did my good deed for the day...let me think where I was going with this?...oh yes BRIBERY...

I am off to go camping during this lovely Labor Day weekend...they don't have internet where I am going...jerks...and I procrastinated my blog I am doing a GIVEAWAY to bribe you to stay with me and THANK YOU for upping my numbers that I check daily, like I pee in the morning without fail after I wake-up!!!

Yea for my procrastination right? Right! So while I suffer in the elements of nature this weekend...I want to see how many comments and LURKERS I can get to come out of the closet!

That's know who you are...rub my ego a little and write a comment...and guess what? You can win a prize! I don't want a flimsy comment(check out definition number 2!) like "HI"...totally lame. I want a comment with substance (check out definition number 4!)...

So in order to win the prize of this particular giveaway you need to answer the following question:

If you could hang out with ANYONE in the blogosphere...who would it be and why?

Crazy question right? I just am see, I blog stalk, read a lot and I find myself I would really like to be able to call that person and have their kids play with to them, laugh with them, cry with them. I would like to just watch them, one day, go throughout their day...see if they are as interesting in person as they seem to be on their blog!

To be honest...if I had to pick just ONE person...there are many...but just ONE would probably be The Pioneer Woman...her blog was one of the FIRST blogs I came upon that I went back to consistently...laughed at her wittiness, cried when she lost her dog, fell in love with her photography, and just plain like how honest she is and what a go getter she seems to be--okay all that AND there is a BIG FACTOR that she lives on a Ranch and has lots of horses...and I love horses...engrossed by them is to humble a the point that I am awed in their presence!'s like I use to go to my friends house for her computer when I was in second grade...I loved playing the game Family I would go over to her house and after a minute of pretending to think about what we should do...I would say, "Oh I know...we should play your computer and play the Family Feud game!"...

So tell me who you would hang out with, link to them if possible, and ONE lucky person will win a $50.00 gift card to!!! I it, embrace it, and comment! You have until Tuesday Noon time (MST)! Let's start small...let's see if I can get 20 comments, or 30, or we could be wild and crazy and hit 35!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

Have a good Labor Day!


UPDATE: 26 comments people? I thought I'd come back from the weekend and have like...ummmm...100! Wow you should see my head right now...totally deflated...oh well--the lucky winner will have me doing an impression of them,and let's face it, who wouldn't want that! lol! Can't wait for you guys to read my post about this weekend...let's just say, my love for camping hasn't grown at all! :)...STAY TUNED!!!


Candid Carrie said...

Well, if I could hang out with anyone in the Blogsphere it would have to be like minded people. People that use words like booger. Hey, that's you!

Alright, not that I wouldn't want to hang out with everyone of you, BUT (and I know you see my big butt right here):

I would want to hang with MaMa Hut of MaMa Hut's House because she's silly and makes me laugh and she saves the world one animal at a time.

And I would need some alone time with Marcy Writes The Glamorous Life because I would like to glob more photography tips from her and try to act like I lived in Orange County.

I would also need to be with alone with Jennifer from the Fun House. Others could join us if they knew all the words to every MCR song we would be singing. And I will be singing all the parts, harmonizing with myself. Because none of this is going to happen anyway.

Then there is Romi Omi Omi Oh from It is What It Is. Have you been there? You should. She's a dried up ol' Catholic just like me, still on her knees doing the rosary waiting for forgiveness while wearing a veil. Just like me.

And I need Jo from To A Pretty Life because she's Canadian and she decorates so cute and if I meet her for real I can say I have international friendships.

Jess Wilson I am not going to say because I will be hanging with her at The Wilson House and Tif from McCallen's Musings would be with us so they don't count at all here.

And One Crazy Chick would be on the list, she's in Seattle (where I think the Cullens still live) and I know she'll never get away so I have to go there.

Uh oh, Chris the Weather Moose just because he really can't be that much of a dweeb in real life so I must see for myself.

And I would like my picture taken with InSane Mama and Tenter for my Halloween cards.

Have a safe trip. Are you coming to me?

Marie said...

Sorry Candid Carrie, but I ain't going to be nominating you this time around!

So as for me and my choice for blogger-friend-for-real would have to be Nikki from She is fresh, she is funky, she is cool, she is moody, she is real, she is all those she lives in Seattle and I can't think of a better place to visit right about now!

Plus we are moving out her way so score one in that column...maybe my wish will come true...only if...

Untypically Jia said...

There are so many I would love to hang out with. Heck, I'd be satisfied with just following them around for a week or so. Pioneer Woman would definitely be one of those.

But to just hang out with, I have to go with Casey from Moosh in Indy. She's a riot and I could see myself just joking around all day with that chica. She rocks!

binks said...

Well you, of course, 'cause you make me laugh and I would make you take fabulous pictures of me that make me look young and beautiful.
Maybe Marinka from Motherhood in NYC because she too cracks me up plus she lives in the City and could show me all the cool spots.
But my new friend Vodka mom is super cool and funny too.
The best I can do is narrow down to three.

Have super fun on your little campout, I will be lounging on the beach. And no whale jokes, please. =)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You mean it's not ME?

Yes, you would definitely be one I would want to hang out with. I have lots and it would be hard to pick one, but ... I pick Sarah from life in the parsonage. We have a lot in common and the same sense of humor.

Enjoy your camping. I'll be braving Hurricane Gustav! said...

First of all, love the pictures of your daughters eyes! They are beautiful.

Second, I love the give away. It is hard to decided on one, because I love to read so many blogs!

I think that I would have to pick cjane, at (sorry, not sure how to link it). Her sister, Nie Nie, was recently in a small airplane crash. First, I just want to give cjane a hug. Because she is an amazing sister. And I would like to help her take care of Nie Nie kids who are currently staying with her. I think that she is doing an amazing job!

Susie said...

Great picture!!

As for who I would hang out with, it is definitely the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen ! In fact, I have hung out with her twice at her Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee cupcake competition:-) She is a hoot!!

Kritta22 said...

I would totally hang out with YOU!!
No seriously!
I check my blog like everyday and yours probably twice!! I think would have a blast together. Then when we got tired of talking and laughing we could talk about pictures....I'm going a new camera for Christmas.
You could share all your cool mommy adviced and we'd laugh until the sun came up!
Have fun camping, for sure!

Kritta22 said...

*getting a new camera!

Therese said...

There are so many to choose from...I already get to hang out with Sydney from Diapers and Deadlines and Sue from Susie's Homemade...would love to hang with Candid Carrie, and it may be possible-she's not that far away from me!!! UMMM...longest distance would go to Tressa at American in Norway, and there is Amy at Escape into my thoughts...oooh I just can't decide!!!

Shannon said...


So who would I want to hang out with?

YOU, for sure! I think we would get along fabulously!

Candid Carrie... she's so full of wit and wisdom, love her!

Cristin @ Tiptoeing Through the Tulips... she has a wicked sense of humor!

Barbaloot said...

Oh my gosh-Shelle. Like, I would so love to hang out with YOU! You make me laugh all the time, and your photography is super awesome and....what? You didn't want blatant flattery?

Okay fine. But I would like to hang out with you. We could discuss the pros and cons of vampires and werewolves:)

Also, the guy who writes this blog: I covet his funniness. Maybe if we hung out for a bit, it'd rub off on me? Or maybe I could just hear some of his jokes and steal them to use for my own.

Angie's Spot said...

There are so many out there that I would want to hang out with, but here's the short list.

Carrie @ Candid Carrie
Bossy @ I Am Bossy
Holly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

All of these ladies have a very specific writing style and make me laugh with almost every post. Or if I'm not laughing, I'm really touched emotionally.

And for the record, I'm not a lurker. :-) I just way behind on my reading and haphazardly stumbled on your blog this morning. And boy am I glad that I did. LOL!

mrsb said...

Great question! I can't narrow it down to one, so I will list 3:

You! I love your sense of humor and I think it would be a blast. That and I could bring my daughter along to play :O)

Second would definitely be Nydia - - a wonderfully spiritual woman who lives in Brazil with her hubby and young son. It would be great to visit during our winter (her summer!) if that could be arranged, lol!

Last choice would be Yellow Dog Granny - She's from my home state of Texas, which I miss desperately. She also has a wicked, biting sense of humor and cooks all my back home favorites! I'd love to meet all the crazy characters I read about on her blog, as well!

Have fun, and come back soon!

Andrea said...

Wow, just one person? There are a lot of bloggers I think would be fun to hang around with. I would have to say I'd most like to meet Simple Answer
( Honestly I don't even know her first name but she makes me laugh. Her recent move to Jordan and subsequent posts have caused me to think a lot about another part of the globe I know very little about. She also has a masters degree in Library Science (I think that's what it's called) and we seem to have similar book tastes. The kids could play and we could talk books. After all, we said we'd get Vespas and winter in Italy some day, so it'd be helpful if I met her first ;)

Desi said...

Ha! Easy! Who wouldn't want to hang out with Jia, from Color Me Untypical?! To be honest, I think we were seperated at birth. She's the bizzomb writer and just an overall awesome person. Don't believe me? Look!!!!!

Stacy said...

Oh! That is a tough question! There are so many lovely bloggers I would love to hang out with....but if I have to narrow it to one - I guess it would be Nicole from Making It Lovely She is always coming up with charming ways to spruce up her yard and home. I am sure that creativity would rub off on anyone who is around her long enough!

MomMega said...

First, LOVE the picture of your daughter's eyes! Just gorgeous!

Okay, this is a tough one! There are several that I would want to hang with, for different reasons!

First, I would want to hang with Maegan ( so that she could take me shopping because she has AWESOME style (and I have none).

I would want to hang with Anymommy ( because she cracks me up, she is well traveled and she is afraid of spiders.

Also, Insta-mom ( to see how she does it everyday.

Marinka ( is seriously one of the funniest writers I have ever read.

And lastly, you! In hopes that you would take some awesome pictures of me and my son and I could be all professional. Plus, you TOTALLY crack me up, I just love your outlook on life.

John Deere Mom said...

Hmmm. Good question. There are so many awesome bloggers out there. I think I would choose Kathy at Mama's Losin' It. She cracks me up and our kids could play while we sip a cocktail in our aprons.

Anonymous said...

That's a tough question, really tough. It's hard to whittle it down to just one person because I, for one, tend to gravitate towards different people for different reasons. Some I gravitate to to make me laugh, others to share my heart, some to help me appreciate and others to make me think.

I read quite a lot of ex-pat blogs, mainly people from the UK and a few others who are living their ex-pat-ness IN the UK. It's definitely refreshing and bonding in a way to know there is someone out there like me. Someone who understands what it feels like to be living somewhere so foreign to you after the appeal and romanticism of it all has worn off.

That being said, I think I would have to pick Mike of Not only has he visited Scotland every year since he was 17 and understand the psyche of a canny Scot, but he has become a great friend outside of blog comments. He's from Boston, MA and always makes me think.

have a great weekend camping! At least it's just temporary, right!

P.S. When I was in Utah, I totally thought about where you were and what you were up to. Sadly, we were only there 5 days and I didn't even get time to go to many of the STORES I wanted to. Bah! :o)

Hirschisquirts said...

Well, Shelle, you would definitely be one of my top picks - because I wouldn't feel so abnormal to be around you - because I am infact a little crazy myself - because my friends actually compared me to Donna in Mama Mia! (I took it as a compliment). Anyway, I love your blog, love your definitions, and love your blatant honesty - so yes, I would pick you, but not to kiss your butt, only because I'm being honest...bah!

brooken'dus said...

I would actually have to say pioneer woman also. I think that would be so awesome to live clear out in beautiful country like that! She's so dang funny to!! I would love to see what it's like all day long and then sit out on the porch and watch the sunset on the beautiful land!!!

Tiffany said...

For me, it would be

Lula at
Angie at John Deere Mom
Kathy at Mama's Losin It
Jennifer P at The Petersons Go Public.

Hope you had fun camping!

Kass Martin said...

You make me laugh so hard. You are awesome and your blog makes me laugh and smile. I have had a depressing day (got released from my great calling in church with the young women-I didn't know I loved it so much until they snaked it right from underneath me.) I bawled in front of the ward, came home earrly b/c Bridget was a napless wreck and Dayne was screaming about the fresh burn on his hand from grabbing the scorching iron right before church. Then as I am drinking my sorrows away (thank you Diet Mt. Dew) I link to your blog and SMILE! Thank you. I too hate loose teeth. I don't handle them well and want to just rip them out to save my stomach and not waste my last meal. Thanks for the new words. You're so funny. I too am loving babies lately. I feel like Bridget is so big (hairless still-but really old and big) and sweet little babies are so yummy. I am not wanting one for myself for another few years but maybe I could talk my sister into one so I could hold it and fill my need for tininess.

Shannon said...

ohh this is easy!!! besides you- because we always have fun and i love to hear all the gossip you got!

I would want to hang out with TAMN from seriously, so blessed! and not even the real girl behind the blog i want to hang out with TAMN. she is sooooooooo funny and so right on with some of the "typical mormon" things she makes fun of. and even though she is not real and is making fun of it i still want to be just like her!!

i hope i get picked and you accept awards online again. i TOTALLY want to see YOU do ME!!!!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Okay, so I'm just going to say that I'd love to hang out with Jenna at She's got 3 kids (twins in there) and she's got the best perspective about raising her kids. I love her humor and the clever way she writes - maybe I could learn a thing or two from her.
I'd also like to hang out with you. I have to admit that I am a regular lurker on your blog and enjoy reading about your thoughts.
Have a great weekend camping!

Alyson said...

That's a tough one! I wouldn't mind hanging out with Just A Plane Ride Away because she's an American living in England, like I used to be years ago. She takes lots of pictures like me and goes to all the places I miss.

Bee Drunken is another fav. She's also an American living in England. She writes such amazing posts with such deep thoughts, and again she writes about places I miss.

I think you'd be pretty awesome to meet because you are so honest and not a prude (like you sometimes see in mormon blogs), which I appreciate immensely. You're also funny to boot.

Daiquiri said...

Just one? already took my choice. It would definitey be PW. I'd beg her to make her lasagna while I was there, I'd ask her a million and one photography questions...and I'd most definitely bring my camera and boots! :)

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity :)

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I'm one of your lurkers that has never left a comment. I don't get on the site cuz I use google reader but I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog (you can check out mine but I desperately need to update it :))I love your photographs and your hilarious posts. I really hope you're doing ok after your meltdown. I seriously hate them. I hear ya on the in law thing though. I'm married for the 2nd time and my 1st husband's family was just not really my favorite. I LOVE my new family but I'm going thru family overload. We're remodeling and living with my in laws in the process! YIKES! Hopefully only one more week or I may be joining you in the meltdown group! Have a fabulous day!


Natalie Sue said...

Hey, just thought I'd get it up to 30 comments... I hate odd numbers. So here I am! Number 30! I don't have a good comment to leave...I guess I need to branch out!

moosh in indy. said...

I want to hang out with Heather from the Spohrs are Multiplying.
Gah. I love her.

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