Thursday, August 21, 2008

You want to say something? I have a song for it!

It's that time again where I tell you, BLOG friends, of another annoying or endearing habit of mine. A few weeks ago I introduced to you that I stare. And I loved that you guys were honest with me in your comments. Some of you said how much you hated that...and others admitted to the habit. I loved it.

Well if you don't already know...I grew up in the "dance" world. My mother had her own studio and I started taking at the ripe ol' age of 3...but I started watching long before that. With dancing comes music...and it has also been an extremely HUGE part of my life. Which means I know a lot of songs. Maybe not all the right lyrics and maybe not the WHOLE songs...but I know a lot of choruses of songs and they stick in my head to be used later.

One of those other annoying (maybe endearing) habits that I have picked up is: when I am talking with someone...if their words, or mine, trigger a memory of a song I start singing the song right out! Or if a song stays in my head...I'll find myself singing, in the grocery store, at the library, during class in college and high was crazy, and sometimes very embarrassing!

Remember when Ace of Base came out with "The Sign"...

there were many moments where I found people laughing at me because I would be singing, "I saw the sign, and I opened up my eyes I saw the sign...". No one that hung out with me for even a few minutes could get away with saying "sign" out of any context and me not break out into chorus!

IN high school...someone said "Friends" or "I'll tell you what I want"...forget it, I would break out in this song: "Wannabe" by Spice Girls

In the present day and co-workers suffer daily with my weird and annoying habit. When the song "I kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry, came out I continued for well over a week singing that song every morning because I couldn't get it out of my head.

It was in my "WORKOUT" play list and I would listen to it during my Cardio workout because it has great "timing" to run to...and then I would dress and go to work.

The co-worker that sits in the cubbie right next to me would yell at me and tell me to stop singing (which I didn't know I was doing it out loud) I would then get it into her head...after a week or so, I just would quietly sing it and then listen for her from behind my cubbie to all of a sudden very silently start singing it and then grunt with frustration and yell, "Shelle, I swear I am going to kill you"... I would always just laugh and say, "or kiss me with your Cherry Chapstick!"

Just the other day I was talking with my other co-worker and he stupidly said, "I need to do more sit-ups" or something like that. I broke out into, "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns can do side bends or sit ups...but please don't lose that butt..." I'll spare you from quoting the rest because I know that whole song...but you catch my drift.

So there you go...I have laid myself open to all your condemnation to judge as you please.

Again I there anything you need to tell me?

Let me just leave you with another song that I had in my head for quite a while when I was in college...and yes I knew every word and when it said H-E-double tooth picks I would say, "heck". Anytime someone said "super" or "star" or "superstar" they were in for it! :)


Marie said...

So I don't really have a habit like this, but my husband and his sister do, as well as my brothers.

This is their habit.

Someone says something or they hear something and then they quote some random movie (or in my brother's case, the Simpsons).

And then they commense their laughing.

And I hate it because 1) I don't remember very many good movie lines and 2) I don't get the quote/joke, so I then either a) don't laugh and say "huh?" or b) laugh and act as though I get it even though I totally don't and then continue to get lost in their conversation.

It is so fun. You should try it sometime!

DeGraffenried's said...

I have your same habit in a way. I don't sing out loud though, just in my head! I sing & talk to myself a lot in my head.

Kritta22 said...

I do this too!! Seriously, we would get along great. Most of my songs are country though, which make it a little bit weirder!
My husband does what Marie's family does except with Family Guy...always Family Guy!

Andrea said...

I couldn't help listening to all of them, :)
I remember Ace of Base, I was 16 and that they were just the coolest!

Chris Wood said...

Personally, I would say that it all depends on how long you sing & how well you sing. If you start doing 50 minutes of Mariah Carey style harmonising / excessive warbling, I would say that's as antisocial as smoking cigars in a creche.

If you do it well & short though, it's a fair one, says I!

binks said...

That totally makes me laugh. The other lady in my office (it's just the two of us) do this ALL the time.
Also, like Marie, my family does the movie (TV, comedians) quoting ALL the time. In fact, my husband and I have many little inside jokes that are movie lines.
Shelle - just sing, sing, sing to your hearts content and let others just deal with it.
(I threw in a few little song prompts just for fun.)

~T. said...

When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waste and a round thing in your face you get sp..
Hahaha too funny, I do the same thing at work, all of a sudden I'll just burst into song, my co-workers think I'm crazy, except for one that always sings along.
Just be careful not to ever sing Barry Manilow or you might end up with the nickname of Lola, not that it ever happened to me, just sayin...

Natalie Sue said...

I love this habit...and I love doing it too. Sometimes I will find myself singing and I didn't even know I was. The other day I got out of the car and was half way through the star spangled banner...was gonna blog about it, but I forgot.

YOU, would be champ and a new game we played. I loved it. Maybe you've already played it - but you are given one word and your team has to come up with songs with that word in it.. played before? I need to go buy it.

brooken'dus said...

I have probably the worst memory a girl my age could I probably couldn't think of a song and remember the words even if I wanted!
My Grace is at the dance shoppe, I wanted to do stars kuz it's up the road but I called and called and called and stopped by but no one was ever there or would answer or return messages so I went somewhere else. I really like it so far, just wish it was a little closer.

Mcewen Family said...

I am up for a GNO at any point of my busy schedule of a life. We really need to go before April moves. Good idea I am glad we have you here to keep us on are toe's.

Staci said...

I love that its kind of fun to just bust out the tunes when somethin is familiar nothing wrong with that but Yes I did like A new dawn but my favorite was definitely the first one Twilight and the book party website is and then just click on my name and you can go to town!

Amanda said...

Ace of FREAKING Base... ahhhhh!

mrsb said...

Oh, good gosh, I have this same thing! I've loved music since I was little. I grew up with my dad's 45's from the 50's and listening to his country music. When I was about 14 I found "New Wave/New Romantic" and fell in love with Spandau Ballet and the rest. I moved on to Social Distortion, Billy Brag, The Cure, Cocteau Twins and Book of Love. Today my 16 year old brings me current music that he thinks I'll like. So I have a mass amount of music to sing out loud! And I do. Everywhere.

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