Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catwalk and Hip Hop...hmmmm

***Congrats LeifandJessica...you are in the finals for the quilt and Amazon card!!!

While I hop on a flight early this morning, I have posted that video I promised from yesterday for your viewing pleasure!!! The pictures are from a recent photo shoot with me...

These Munchkins...

wanted to be my models for the video below! :)

What nuts...seriously!

They volunteered I threatened their lives to model some of my GREAT merchandise I talked about in the post below this one...(since my computer wasn't uploading the video I couldn't post it yesterday)...but no worries, we got it now!!!

Enjoy...my son's freestyle at the end of this...


Those hip hop classes are really paying off! lol!

So without further ado...here is the video I promised from yesterday!

If he's not ready for high school dance circle's...I don't know WHO is! :)



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