Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner and 24 hour Flatulence...

Don't You Hate It When--

You've been very courteous to the other shoppers at the Park City Outlet Mall, AT Midnight, to save your normal bodily functions to do OUTSIDE where people can breathe fresh air and get away from your bodily functions more quickly... then inside a trapped store with HUNGRY deal-grabbing-Mama's who are boxing you in? Yea I hate that...especially when it is the rotten egg smelling ones! For the LOVE...

Whomever let that one go, IN STORE with more people then fire hazard allows, is sick and HEAR me out there person...inconsiderate...sick.and.wrong! (Of course nobody claimed it!)

I was totally Cocooned in a rotten egg smelling fart...I had to duck and cover because hot air rises...which made me look like the guilty party, and then people where give me crazy looks. Which made me want to shout that "Hey it wasn't me!"...but then I would've eaten the fart...and that would've been worse!

But I still Love Black Friday's...



P.S. Later that morning. My sister-in-law let one go in the car...then locked the windows before I could roll down the window...which made me laugh as I threatened her life to the point I was crying, then I was crying for real because I SWEAR I could taste it.

Has there been a study linked to Thanksgiving Dinner and 24 hour Flatulence?

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