Sunday, February 10, 2008

Had to do IT!!!

February 10, 2008

Okay so I had to do it...Sorry Erika...It was so cute how you did Hallee's hair that I had to copy...To be honest I bought these curler things at Harmons ages ago...but didn't remember I had them until I saw your daughter on Sunday and you told me what you did...and then I saw your I had to try it! PeePs was a willing participant because I told her that her hair would turn out as pretty as a "princesses"! So of course she was all for it. Being the procratinator that I am...I didn't think of doing it until this Sunday I put her hair up, somewhat damp...and just let it air dry as long as be honest I didn't have much faith in myself to accomplish much since I hardly can do my hair and hated sponge curlers and sleeping in them when I was little...but I tried my best... I found out soon enough that I hadn't bought enough for her hair...but I made do. I will admit here that I took some dark enjoyment doing it...even though it went against everything I protested when I was a little girl...I took satisfaction in it...I actually had FUN! So here is the end result! I was surprised to say the least! YEA!

Of course PeePs had to go up the stairs holding her dress like a lady should as not to step on it! And then the twirling started!!!

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