Monday, February 25, 2008

Wild Little Girl-Crazy Plane Trip!

So we are at the end of our weekend and Saturday Night after the competition we ended up staying at the Stoddard's house in Roy. We watched old videos from our Lake Powell trip with them...Funny how we change! Well PeePs didn't get to sleep until midnight...and then Lisa and I got to talking and didn't get to bed until 3:30 in the morning and then I was up by 6 am getting ready to drive down to the airport. I woke PeePS up shortly after and she was NOT happy about it. Well I just threw her hair back in a ragamuffin pony tail and we headed to the airport. Well after checking into the airport and waiting 45 minutes to get through security we finally arrived to wait for our flight to board and get a seat assignment. Well shortly before we were to board the aircraft we found out that our flight was delayed because of maintenance. We waited another 45 minutes and finally were allowed to board. In the meantime PeePs was acting like a crazy my mom had her running back and forth to the garbage throwing away things for her. The girl just got some burst of energy...and I was TIRED!!! Well we went to board the plane and jaksyn ran the whole way!!! We got on the plane and took our seats. PeePs decided that she wanted to sing and talk...(Can anyone say drugs please?) Okay not really...but I am human enough to admit that I wanted a child safe tranquilizer for some peace! We buckled in and taxied out to await our turn to take off. We waited...and waited...and waited! I'm not sure how long we waited out on the tarmac...but it felt like hours...I'm sure it was more like 30 minutes...the Flight Attendant got on and informed us that the de-icer wasn't working and we were going to have to taxi back into the gate. When we taxied back in...we were informed that we were staying on the plane while maintenance tried to fix the problem. After about 20 minutes they finally decided to let us deplane, and we were back in the terminal...and again my daughter had bolts of energy! We weren't in there long until they found another plane for us. We quickly boarded another plane and were able to take off and get back to St. George...the following is what happened during the flight!

PeePS with crazy hair...when she sat up it looked like she had put her hand in a socket!

She is still going and you can see how happy I am about that!

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