Sunday, February 17, 2008

PeePs Got an Owie!

February 10, 2008

So DCar, MountainSport Man, and PeePs were messing around in our family room! Not an usual occurence...if you have ever been to our house and been around while we are watching something...somehow it always ends up that MSM is wrestling around with the rugrats while I am stretching my neck to look around them because I am way to lazy to move!!! Anyway, MSM was on his knees and PeePs was hugging him...well DCar decided to grab PeePs' arms from behind MSM and pull them...he pulled a little too hard apparently and they hear a POP and all heck breaks loose! PeePs is screaming bloody murder!!! Which is also not unusual! So I have PeePs come over to me and I give her the, "where is your owie?" and she points to her elbow, then I say, "would you like mommy to kiss it better?" and she shakes her head YES (in the process she is still crying and keeps saying that, "DCar popped my arm, DCar popped my arm). So I kiss her elbow...which usually fixes PeePs' OWIE'S...didn't work this time. She kept holding her arm, and anytime we tried to move it she would start crying again. We got her some Motrin and she sat on MSM's lap. We thought the "OWIE" would go away. Soon it was time for dinner and PeePs still hadn't let up. She kept a sad face on...or would start crying again...We headed upstairs to eat and she wouldn't eat unless she sat on my lap...still continuing to hold her arm, and telling anybody new that DCar had popped her arm. I had to hand feed her and she would wimper when she wanted another bite. Finally I got frustrated with the act and told her to STOP crying because the OWIE didn't hurt anymore. Nothing she wouldn't let up. MSM put her in her room and yet she still wouldn't I finallly started thinking...something must REALLY be wrong. :) only took about a couple of hours for us as parents to clue in that she wasn't FAKING it! So we went to her Pediatric office (luckily they have a night clinic) and an hour an a half later we finally got in to see the Doctor and she twisted PeePs' arm and bent it and we heard another little POP (PeePs SCREAMED her head off) and the nurse then took her to the TREASURE chest and she miraculously started to use her arm!!! She had NURSEMAID ELBOW...which I guess is common in young children and can happen with little effort. So we had an interesting Sunday night last week!!!

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