Monday, February 25, 2008

The competition is on...Let's Bowl

February 21, 2008

Girls Night with the Kolb girls!!! Vivian planned it and surprised us with Competitive bowling outfits!!! We had a good time! I stunk at bowling ...Alesha got first (secretly I think she practiced before hand and she had home court she brought her own ball!) Katy got second...pure luck...Tyanne third and I fourth...then Vivian participated!!! lol! j/k she got fifth! All around be honest...we had pretty sorry bowling scores...but GREAT conversation and really FATTENING food! Loved it!

Katy and Tyanne...putting in our nicknames! Alesha aka-Pinkie up to bowl! Love the socks!

Tyanne aka Rizzo up next! Alesha and I showing off our cute robes!

Katy, Viv, and Alesha Katy...Alesha, Tyanne (showing off her robe) and VIV

Someone offered to take our picture and something got in the way? Viv brought these bottles and covers because you are not allowed to bring in outside food into the bowling alley, so we had to sneak it and Katy, who is always watching our snack attack backs, brought PEANUT BUTTER M&M's-one of my one true weaknesses!!! So funny!

It was my turn to bowl, aka PLUSH! Nice white legs...

Katy...aka Frenchie bowling...I had to get a close up of Katy because when she rolled up her pants she couldn't help but show her religion!!! and when she was waiting for her ball she was just standing like that...maybe her inner self secretly wanted to be a ballet dancer???

Viv bowling...and our scores...sad...sad...I think my robe really threw me off...I think they did something to it so I wouldn't out shine them with my wicked bowling skills. Really that had to be it...either that or I will have to admit that when I bowl it's pure luck when I get a good score!!!

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