Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol---Are you kidding me?

Wow! David Archuleta is seriously amazing. They didn't show him much in the prelude up to the top 24...I didn't even realize he was from Utah until he made the top 24...but I'm not going to lie---I'm like a proud Mom watching him's crazy!!! I'll admit I fell in love with his voice after he was shown singing "Heaven" in Hollywood, but are you kidding me...the kid is blessed with one of the most beautiful voices ever! Take a listen if you aren't an obsessed American Idol 7 fan like I am (thank you Debra Kluge for that)...I also like Brooke from the girls and the Irish chick that I can't remember her name right now!

Week 1-Shop Around

Week 2-Imagine-he sang this song on "Good Things Utah" when he was 13!

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