Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby steps at embracing it...

So I saw in facebook THIS post from one of my friends and I instantly clicked over, because anything to do with body and embracing it... I'm ALL over because I want to know the secret.

No, really... I do.


We've discussed this before, but I think the verdict still hasn't come in.

SO- then I click over to THIS site:

And fell in love with this girl from her VLOG... she loves her butt and boobs! Can we say green with envy???

Plus she's super hawt. So I get it.

Anyway, I thought I'd join in since I'm trying to change my thinking on the whole body image thing.

So... without further ado.

What I LOVE about my body.

I love my eyes.  Does that count?  It's on my body.  Baby steps people... baby steps.

I also love that my body was healthy enough and my pregnancies were incredible enough to have these beautiful children.  Does that count?  I mean it's about my body.

I also love my Collarbone. I think I appreciate them more now that I broke one of them. But I don't have a pic.

Okay that was theraputic.

I'm not sure it even counts... but like I said, I'm taking baby steps.

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