Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Summer Vacay--In pictures. Minnesota.

Besides the Mosquito's that love my son and I, they gave us such a welcome and let us know that they would love for us to stay because we taste like honey to them, our vacay was to the A-to the W- to the E-to the S-to the O-to the M-to the E.  (My boy and I look like we have chicken pox the mosquito's love us so much!)

Anyway.  Our hostess and family have really spoiled us.  WE have had such a good time and are so very very thankful that they allowed us to intrude on their home for 5 days.  This last day Jules has been cleaning like mad because she has just had about enough of the extra stuff that 3 more people add... and I'd apologize about that, but I had too much fun! :)

We have been to the lake, the Itasca State Park (which has the headwaters of the Mississippi), and her downtown.  I also experienced my first Bar Hopping experience... problem is I was the designated driver!!!  What up with that??? :)

Here we are in pictures.

ONe of the many lakes close to them

My daughter and I at the River... one of the many.

The rope swing at the River!  It was FA-REEZING BTW. The river anyway.

The crew at the HeadWaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park.

The girls amongst the guys in the Mississippi :)

The Itasca Lake Side of the Headwaters.

My wonderful hostess Jules and I after climbing the Fire Tower at the Itasca State Park.  Beautiful Scenery, but as you can see the Humidity hates my hair.
After the day at the Itasca State Park I made a bold statement and verdict, that is... Humidity sucks.  (surprisingly, not everyone agrees with me, as per facebook-my status-and people disagreeing with me) But Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous.  Green everywhere.

But air is heavy... did you guys know that?

How was your weekend? Anyone go to BlogHer and totally miss that I wasn't there?


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