Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelle-by her blogger impaired husband

I'm taking over Shelle's blog for today. You won't get any pictures because I don't know how to do this. I'm lucky I'm on the right blog, well I hope I am anyway.

See Shelle told me that she didn't want anyone to know it was her birthday. She said after the age of 30 that she was done having birthday's.

If you know my wife you will know that she is numero UNO at reverse psychology.

Most years I take her for her word (then I'm out on the couch for not reading her mind! And then I get woken up an hour later with her pissed and dragging me back to bed because she can't sleep alone-which she blames on me) but this year, I'm on to her...


(Okay she may really kill me for this.)

I could write a list of 31 reasons why anyone would be lucky to have her.

But truth be told, she is my best kept secret and I'd like to keep it that way (and someone might confuse me with being sensitive).

Anyone that has talked to her and seen her pictures or video's she has done on this blog will know already how lucky I am.

So I'll just end this by saying,

"I Gotcha Baby! Happy Birthday"

(My pillow and blanket are already on the couch).


Your-stuck-with-me-forever-Husband aka MountainSport Man

Oh and if you want you can wish her a Happy Birthday -- she's a recovering attention whore. I let her indulge once a year on her birthday.

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