Friday, February 27, 2009

A mom can NEVER brag enough!

This is DCAR my oldest child.

I know its been a while since I have posted about my kids, this kid especially...but I'm going to do that now.

And I always say, "A Mom can NEVER brag enough" can they?

I'm sure there are exceptions, don't rain on my parade all right!

I am HEAD Room Mom for DCAR's class. (I was coerced people...COERCED into being the room Mom...and the fact that NOBODY else signed up for being a parent volunteer probably had something to do with it.) Anyway, that means that I am in charge of a few parties throughout the year. Well TWO to be exact. The Halloween Party and the Valentine's Party.

Back when I went to elementary school we made our very OWN mailboxes!!! I LOVED making my own mailbox.

I would tenderly wrap it in tin foil...cut out cute hearts of pinks and purples and write all sorts of fun love stuff on it...and maybe, "Shelle is going to be the BEST dancer in the WORLD"...ya know, stuff like that!

I wanted DCARs class to have the same we decided to do a valentine exchange and have them bring their own Valentine boxes.

My son and my husband had the job of decorating the shoe box. My Husband wrapped it in these random wrapping papers we had. Then let my son have at it. Let's just son wasn't AS into it as I was.

Here he is passing out his invitations. He spent more time on his Valentines. He wanted to make sure that the girls KNEW that he didn't LOVE them. So he gave neutral valentine's to them.

This was the best part for the kids...going through the LOOT!!! See that girl next to DCAR? She got a BLUE plastic looking gem in her Valentine...and was DCAR found a purple one that another kid had and asked if they would trade with her. Cute huh? I did warn you that this was a BRAGGING post right?
This is the game I had them play. For one minute they are suppose to try and stack SMARTIES...whoever stacks the most wins. We played like 10 rounds of it!

Let's just say, this isn't DCARS best game!!! :)

Okay...just to finish with the bragging post.

I went to Parent/Teacher Conference for DCAR on Monday and the teacher told me this, "DCAR is one of my BEST kids in class. Whenever I pair the kids up I always put DCAR with those kids that are more shy and reserved and alone because DCAR always makes them feel good about themselves."

Honestly guys, my eyes teared up, bad...

So I had to share...I had to brag...I'm a little proud of the kid.

SO now I would like to give ALL of you the opportunity to brag away about whatever you want in my comment box...because I'm feeling in that kind of mood today! Anything you need to brag about?

Have a great weekend!!! And go over to Candid Carrie's to see who else played this week for FRIDAY FOTO FINISH FIESTA!!!



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