Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm going to give someone a stupid sign today...

You know Bill Engvall's comedy line "Here's your sign"...

Here's an example if you don't:

Well sometimes, because I love stand-up comedy, and I love the WHOLE Blue-Comedy Tour men...I throw that phrase out every once in a while..."Where's your sign" or "Here's your sign".

But it only works if I time it right, and also, if they know what they HELK I'm talking about.

So for the sake of those that DIDN'T know what I am going to be talking about in this next story...NOW YOU DO


I had to give someone their STUPID sign today.

There are huge, gray, full of rain clouds roaming around outside today. It FEELS like rain...but because of where I live, you REALLY never know if it is ACTUALLY going to rain.

But it has lately, all week, on and off and on again.

And the BRIGHT blue sky always pokes it's head through those clouds and plays with your brain cells.

That being said.

I walk out of work into the parking lot.

I see a guy, RIGHT NEXT TO MY VAN, getting into his truck and pulling a piece of luggage out to put in the OPEN back of his truck...

Sue me, I'm not sure what they call that...THE TRUCK BED?

Anyhow...He pulls out not ONE, but TWO pieces of luggage and throws them in the back.

Me: You going on a trip today?

Him: Yea...just getting everything ready.

Me: Leaving on the next flight then?

Him: No, my wife gets off in a couple of hours.

Me: "fun" mumbles under my breath, "Here's Your sign!"

The guy was putting luggage into the back of a truck with all the open air and a Chance of rain and then was going to leave it there in the parking lot for a couple of hours while his wife works? Out in the OPEN...

And that's my stupid sign for the day!

Hope you all had a good President's Weekend!



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