Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Typical 3 year old Dance Recital...I LOVE throwing my money away!

Okay...I have a post about what I learned in Canada coming probably later in the day...BUT...I FINALLY figured out how to do video and upload it from my BRAND NEW MAC computer...

So...I had to show you this from December.

It's PeeP's first Dance Recital!

You's so funny (okay it's probably MORE funny to me because she's MINE...but)...the WHOLE time she just watches everyone because the girl during dance was too occupied looking in the mirror at herself she didn't have TIME to learn a dance...and it shows...

AND She is relishing in the attention the stage brings...she sees her dad filming and shrugs her shoulders like, "Hey...I have KNOW idea what I'm doing here"...and then waves at him and continues to try to follow the dance.

PLUS...her skirt is CLINGING to her is TOTALLY my daughter, poor thing...that stuff ONLY happens to us, I SWEAR!!!

THen at the end...NOBODY remembers what they are suppose to one of the girls brings it upon herself to do her OWN thing...'s like watching my money throw itself into a shredder...

Priceless right?

PeePs First Dance Recital from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

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