Friday, March 6, 2009

A watered-down Punky Brewster!

My daughter is a little watered-down version of Punky Brewster. She dresses herself...and almost always picks out something bright and colorful.

She loves mixing stripes with polka dots.

So when it's time to get dressed for's a battle to see who gets to win the dressing game.

I'm always telling her..."PeePs that doesn't match" or "Honey, you can wear THAT shirt when you get home...but you have to wear this one to school!"

I know I am probably hurting her creativity or repressing her inner child...but I can't help it!

Some outfits, I'll admit, are darling that she puts together. She almost ALWAYS picks a skirt or dress...and then some tights that are either polka dot or's usually the shirt we disagree on!!! This day...I made her wear a plain long sleeved green shirt...but she picked out the rest!

I asked if she would let me take her picture..."I have to take them on the tramp Mom or they won't work."

I'm much as I TRIED to leave these shots AS they were shot from the CAMERA...I caved and edited this one...please don't think I'm being Photo Shop snobbish!

The only problem after she agrees to wear my solid she WON'T let me put her hair up in some crazy messy buns or something cute like that.

She is JUST as stickler with her hair...she LOVES to wear it down or in a side pony or a pony tail with a braid!!!

She doesn't understand that with her funky sense of style the cute messy MICKEY MOUSE ear buns would be perfect...

AAAHHH Well...I guess I'll choose my battle's!

Is there a way to TRICK your kids into liking something they absolutely BELIEVE they don't with PeeP's hair? I KNOW she would look so CUTE with those messy buns...but have YET to convince her of that...Any Tips?

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