Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do YOU still like to kiss?

Something is WHACKED out with Blogger! I did this great post yesterday...trying to make up for my HORRIBLE person...and it didn't update in Google Reader until like midnight and I wrote the post earlier in the morning that day?

Something is against me!

Oh well...

On to MY favorite topic...KISSING!!!
I know this is a weird subject to be bringing up right now…or ever

But I am anyway! :)

I like to reminisce my kisses…because...
I LOVE kissing. Now do you see the importance of this topic?

I started late with the art of kissing…but I consider myself a fast learner, and never had a complaint…

Okay...maybe the first person that kissed me might have complained? But I didn't KNOW what I was doing, so that doesn't count…but I was taught well and used those abilities to enjoy what I feel is the BEST form of exercise for your mouth...which is an important muscle to exercise...

you KNOW you burn 26 calories per kiss? Nice...

There's definitely an art to it right? I love what
THIS article says about kissing.

I mean…a REALLY good kiss, to me, can be JUST as intimate as anything else that goes on AFTER a kiss…in the HOLY bonds of matrimony that is :)

I mean…I only had ONE person whom I didn't want to kiss more than the first time we kissed…and that is because he sucked all of my breath out in ONE kiss…and not because I was breathless in a good way, but I was breathless in a I'M GOING TO DIE way…
ya know what I mean?

And then there was this guy with GIRL fingers…and since
I’m not into GIRL on GIRL that WEIRDED me out. Anytime he touched me I was aware of it…he liked to hold onto my wrists and elbows when we kiss, and I would get creeped out because it felt like a girl was touching me.

But his KISS was Marvelous! He always started his kisses out soft…barely toucing my lips…then he would kiss again with more determination ending it with a little tug of my bottom lip with his teeth (If you have NEVER had someone do that to you while you kiss them, you should, it's amazing! Gives me the chills and BUTTEREFLIES just THINKING about it!). As long as his girl hands didn't creep up to my face, I was good…he would even make me FORGET his girly finger touch


Then there was JIMBO, that is not even REMOTELY close to his name, but JIMBO was a really GOOD friend with benefits!

He was one of those guys that I would NEVER had been interested in as a boyfriend, but we were really good hang out buddies and then one day he just KISSED me…and I was like WHOA…STOP THE TRAIN…the guy was an INCREDIBLE kisser.

I was evil when I think back on it…
because I made sure I laid down the rules. I told him straight out that ALL we would ever be is friends because I wasn't interested in anything more than that, and I was saying that as I was breathless in a good way from his kiss and our very first kiss together. He said he didn't mind that…in fact, he said something like, "I can work with that…"

Either way…we kissed…
a lot. And I probably initiated more than he did…who knows…all I remember is just loving every second of it. In fact, he was my first and only BACK SEAT make-out while our two friends we were doubling with were in the front seat! LOL! Totally embarrassing…and they still give me crap about that. It's okay…it was totally worth it.

Okay…I won't BORE you with each guy I kissed and rating each one of them…but I must say...

...when I combined be completely attracted to the guy in mind
AND body…then having our first kiss…THAT combination is explosive! THAT experience I only had with my husband!

Sure I kissed other very attractive men…but their personalites wouldn't be up to par. Or their personalities were DYNAMITE but they weren't that attractive.

But my husband, for me, had BOTH.

One day I'll tell you about it,
in detail, because I LOVE remembering.

But for now…how do or did YOU feel about kissing? I still have friends who tell me they could do without it…
and I'm SHOCKED…there is NO WAY I could do without it.

Not even after being married for 9 years. I am still trying out new tricks when we kiss…and it's necessary to kiss longer than a second…a lot of people just peck each other now and then…but I'm telling you, try to kiss your significant other LONGER than a second and don't allow it to be CHASTE…

KISS them like you mean it!!! Carry breath mints or gum around. Kissing should be fun.

who's boringwho doesn't like to kiss?

I kid…I'll only be horrified
BEHIND your back…but you can tell me…I'm a good listener.



P.S. I got all these images off of Google Images searching "kissing"...just so you know!

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