Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a terrible, horrible, person!

Winner of the BOOK Giveaway Tower of Strength was Loralee and the Gang! she wrote: "Wow- I am honored to be the first to comment and to enter the book giveaway! I need a book that is caramel-popcorn worthy! (When I was a child, my grandma would make us a GARBAGE BAG full of it for a Christmas treat for the family - and I would spend all of Christmas break reading really great books and eating her yummy popcorn!) :~D"--

I read between the lines...what she is saying is, if Annette wrote a book about ME, she would have her Grandma make her caramel popcorn and she would READ my book and then be my BIGGEST FAN! Thanks Loralee!

First commenter won this time! That like NEVER happens right?

I told you guys I would never use that Random Integer thing...but I did, so I lied, and I'm not sorry about it...even if that makes me terrible and horrible!
Because it took me like 3.2 seconds to get the random number...

So I realize why people use it...not because they are against ME and the UNIVERSE that holds me...but because they are lazy. L.A.Z.Y! It takes NO time at all to get an answer, no writing on papers people's name, no making video's of who the winner is, no nothing, just a few types of the keys on the computer and there is your winner...it's awesome! :)

So it chose Random number 1...does that mean the Random Integer thing is lazy? Cause it just threw out the first number...1...how anti-climatic! But I'm way happy for Loralee!!! You will love the book! So just email me your address where we can ship it...then viola...you'll get it in the mail!

Love how that works!

I'm a totally, horrible, terrible person...and today I need to rectify that.

I won this giveaway on Lilly's site. Lilly is this incredible, fun, woman who just writes her life out there in the open for all to read. Her husband is battling cancer...and you don't hear on her site a lot of whining and complaining, in fact, I read more of her looking at the bright side of things...

Anyway, she is awesome.

And so a few weeks ago, that's right--you read it right--a FEW weeks ago I get this BIG, I mean BIG box in the mail. And I opened it and it was FILLED with so much stuff!

I honestly felt like I was opening my favorite gift on Christmas...let me just list the ways:

Burberry for MEN and WOMEN, along with a cute bear that came along with it...my daughter has already claimed it for her own--little stealer--AND a circle of heart broach or pin or whatever it's called when you wear it on a sweater.

Ed Hardy--tote bag! K, I need to take a picture of my purse so you know how much I love that kind of stuff!

A clinique make-up bag full of clinique product. A cute Valentine's pen A bunch of valentine-ey note pads--I LOVE notepads...but she didn't know that, makes it all the better!

Two mugs full of candies...ummm yea, don't have to explain why I would like that do I?

And the cutest card with the nicest things to say on them...THANKS!

It was all set in this cute red box...then placed in the BIG box I was talking about!

Thank you LILLY...thanks SOOOOO very much. I enjoy each and every gift!

Lilly is trying to raise money for RELAY 4 LIFE--you guys, SUCH a good CAUSE and she needs help with donations! Her Team name is BELK...so if you can, go over there and DONATE, let's see if we can't help her raise money!

So I'm SORRY I was rude and horrible not to post my sincere thanks when I got the stuff...but I'm trying to redeem myself now!

LILLY...thanks for being my blog friend!

TOMORROW--let's talk about kissing...I feel like it's time for that! :)




Kristina P. said...

You made out like a bandit! And I always hate entering giveaways first, because I never think it will choose #1, which is ridiculous, since it's random and #1 has an equal chance as #217.

Barbaloot said...

Pssh. Random my eye. Random.org can't pick #1. It was fixed!

Or maybe not. Congrats Loralee.

T said...

it CAN pick #1 after all - there goes my theory...

congrats to Loralee... and you too, you delinquent winner you (good stuff)

straight to kissing? we haven't even discussed hand-holding yet have we?

T said...

silly me - but we've discussed make-outs... of COURSE it makes sense!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I've never used random.org....maybe I'll try it next time!
I'm glad you liked your "stuff", I'm about to put another basket on the site for EASTER so come back to see me!
You know I'm from Bama, so your unword of the day is hysterical. We actually DO say "JEET", not so much Jeetjet though. We drrrrraaaaaaagggggggg out so many words and shorten so many others, so we talk at about the same speed as everyone else. To Roy last night: "Honnnnnnnnnnnyyyyy, jeet?"
Have a wonderful Wednesdday~

Katie L said...

Im SUPER jealous you got an ed hardy bag....I can hardly contain myself!

shannon said...

Score! What fun! That was good mail indeed!

binks said...

16 lashes with a wet noodle for your transgressions. (wait, you might like that)
4 days of solitary confinement (wait, you might enjoy that too)
Never mind, we forgive you for using the random who-see-whats-it.
shhhhh, I am totally using it the next giveaway.

Motherboard said...

Holy package, batman! That's HUGE!

Have you tried forcing google reader? Subscribe to yourself and then wait a couple of minutes after you post and then go click on yourself in google reader (you always have to leave 1 post unread) and then hit the refresh button. It will refresh in everyones reader.)

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