Saturday, March 14, 2009

Excuses...Excuses, but here you go NOW!

So here's my excuse...

I know I promised you one silly picture a day.

But we got into our destination later than we wanted...and so...didn't get a picture posted of us being silly wanna-be Canadians...

So here's a few to tide you over for at least a day...or two...

Meet Paul-Old Skool...
Here's Paul in REAL color--He's top of the line SILLY face...right here. You can always count on Paul for an excellent silly/scary face.

This is my BIL and SIL's job. They take care of Paul and get paid for it. Paul's parents are originally from England...both have passed away, so Paul lives now with My Canandian

If you ask me...they are hooked up with an incredible job. Paul is a dear...and we love to hang around him because you never know what the guy is going to's great!

PeePs had to do her silly face...she hates being left out of anything!

This is my dear Canadian niece...we don't hold that against her...we love her still!!! :) Don't you just LOVE LOVE the color of her hair? I would LOVE to try that color, but with my freckles...I've decided that MIGHT not be a good choice! :)

Oh is it possible that someone so handsome can look so...NOT handsome. Some of the faces he comes up with scares!

K-guys...since you have helped me so much throughout the past year...I need you guys to help me out...see my husbands hair...


He won't cut it. He says it keeps him warm for the winter...but's gettin' scraggly. The guy needs to cut it.

I like him best with a FO Hawk...but my man is stubborn...and when he's using that stubborn force against me...I pretty much don't have a CHANCE of getting my way...

and I want to take family pictures...with out the 70's style feathered long hair!

So any suggestions on how to convince him that MY way is the BEST way?

This is MY BIL and my husbands BLOOD Brother...see the similarities??? Nah...either did I when I met him...but they actually came from the same mother and boggles the mind!

Sorry...I just had to sneak this one's not silly or's sweet.

Sometimes you just need something sweet to top your day off.

Signing off from Canada...




Youngblood4ever said...

So, as a suggestion, make an appointment for him, mark it on the calendar, put reminder notes everywhere and when he asks what it's all about just tell him, "It's just in case you change your mind." Ya, I tried this one out before and surprisingly, it actually worked. Of course it wasn't a haircut I was after, but it just might work!

Youngblood4ever said...

Oh, and I dig the weirdie faces!

Shannon said...

have a fun time! and klayton- cut that hair!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

The big question here is: does PAUL speak with an English accent or a Canadian one? (Your husband manages to be super good looking, even with the 70's feathery hair!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

So cute, these pics. I can't believe that's your husband's blood brother. NO WAY!

But honestly, I think your husband looks HOT.

Are you mad at me?

binks said...

What fun and then you sneak in that 70's picture and I started to go off on a tangent memory.
And then all that sweetness, child please, you're gonna give me diabetes.
(but you know I really love it)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Cute pics. I agree with you about your dh's hair, it's gotta go! He can't be MSM with that hair, too un-sport ya know? (Unless the sport is skateboarding, then it fits.)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Hey, you know where he sleeps, don't you?! That would be a BIG suprise when he woke up, wouldn't it!

shannon said...

Funny funny faces!

I would start withholding "favors" (ahem!) if my husband grew his hair that long!--

Your guy is still nice looking, though--:)

Jessica said...

I think you should start playing with his hair. Braiding it, putting bows in it, combing it and feathering it, even use some hair spray to get the David Cassidy feathers to stay. Tell him how pretty he looks and how you love it because it's like having another daughter's hair to play with.

Keep that up and see how long he keeps it... :)

Have fun in Canada, eh?!


PJ - Our life said...

Tell him flat out - If you don't cut the hair, your not getting any!

Sher said...

Funny, when I looked at that pic, I thought to myself, What is going on with his hair?
Then I scrolled down and read you comments on it.
Yeah, there is no way in HELL that my husband's hair would get that long. Of course, his hair never gets longer than 1 inch before he cuts it.
Tell him he looks like a girl. Maybe then he'll cut it.

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