Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Say Hamburger!!!

It's funny...with my first child DCAR...it just seems that he knew how to speak well as soon as he figured out how to talk.

I've stated before how different my two children are.  They endear me each in a different way...and I can honestly say I love them differently.

I love the little personalities that make up who they are...

I feel bad sometimes as a parent because I feel I squash some of their innocence when I expect maybe too much out of them...

But then...you realize that they learn conniving and getting around things at a young age...that even though they look completely innocent of any wrong doing...that they IN FACT do get into trouble and are SMART about it...

They are little geniuses inside small compacted bodies.

In fact, sometimes, they stump me by their sheer GENIUS of getting away with things.

Me: "DCAR why did you color all over this white rocking chair that I use for photography sessions?"

Without missing a beat the boy had concocted a WHOLE story.

Dcar:  "Well I was coloring on it and then accidentally colored off the page...tried to wipe it off...started coloring and accidentally did again..." and on and on and on.


I'm totally off topic here.  That is how I roll.

Tomorrow you are in a for a treat because I've decided I want to start doing a few VIDEO blog posts...so you can see my idiosyncrasies when I talk, so that when I write you might be able to see how I would actually be saying things...you picking up what I'm putting down guys?



Oh well.

What I was trying to say in this WHOLE post is that my daughter has funny ways she says things.  I'm not quite sure if it is bad speech...or her own accent?  But I love it...sorry, I do.
Until tomorrow, when you see me LIVE and IN PERSON!

Question:  Is it okay to go into Abercrombie and Fitch stores to look at the pictures...um...from a photographers point of view :)

Love Shelle


Kate said...

I have actually DONE that!!!! (the going into a store to look at their advertising photos thing.) glad I am not the only one.

I love the videos. It makes you actually a real person, and not someone we just like to blog stalk! (for those of us who don't know you in real life. )

:) and your kids are cute too, so that helps. If they werent so cute, you might be losing followers. heh heh. jk

PJ - Our life said...

My little blondy has a problem saying her "r"'s, so some of the stuff she says I think is pretty cute too!

I've been posting the food stuff lately because my dad doesn't think I can cook so I have to show him proof!

Barbaloot said...

I think A&F is wrong, mostly because I feel like everything about them is pretentious and snobby. But hey-if that's who you wanna photograph, go right ahead:)

Jessica said...

I think it is OK to go anywhere and look at things from a photographer's perspective. I think it is even OK to take your camera with you and photograph the things that inspire you! :)

Cute!!! I love how kids talk. They say the cutest things!


Annette Lyon said...

"Hamburger" almost sounds like Steve Martin's version in the Pink Panther (a movie I loved). :D

Can't wait to see you live tomorrow!

Dopp Family said...

haha... my mom sends back to Abercrombie and Fitch magazines she gets in the mail with mean letters that state how inappropriate their photos are, but being a photographer yourself, well, I'm not sure. I may be missing the whole "art" of it all. ; )

I do know that I went out with a guy once and he told me he modeled nude for paintings and painted nude models and I felt I could no longer date him. :)

Your daughter is super, super cute!!!

Natalie Sue said...

So cute!

Youngblood4ever said...

Cute video. I just love kids. Especially when they are lovey to the mommy!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Your daughter has the cutest little accent! I love it. Live tomorrow? I must look into this. I had no idea.

shannon said...

I can't WAIT to see the video of you!

I love the one of PeePs!--You will be so happy that you captured her little words someday...

DCAR's explanation was hilarious!--that sounds like the same kind of stuff I'm getting from my 9 year old! I love that they are their own little person (sometimes I hate it, though, when I get some of the back talking)--I guess it's payback cause I was the biggest back talker EVER!

T said...

I was thinking of the Pink Panther too!!! She's a cutie!

I almost cried when I realized my daughter had stopped saying "snoot fracks" and "puc" (instead of cup and fruit snacks)

My second DID have speech issues - and we just called it his "cockney accent" for years :)

This Mom said...

I think that is soo funny. I swear my daughter lived with Heavenly Father RIGHT above New York ALLL during her pre-exsistance. She totally has the accent. Right down to how she says onion (ogunin).

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