Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you spying on me through my Webcam?

Etiquette Lessons: I had someone suggest I give more etiquette lessons (after I finished laughing and breathing deeply I thought it might be fun)...the person said they learned a lot from the Courtesy Flush, Cell Phones in the Bathroom, and Airplane Seatbelts. (Sarcastic little thing aren't they?)

I would LOVE to tell you ALL that I know...but I want to KNOW what you want me to TEACH you about? Cause believe it or not...I only know about people not knowing the right etiquette when it happens to me personally and then feel like I have a job to let the rest of the world know!

SO...if you are stumped with certain etiquette whether it has to do with Bedroom Etiquette, Bathroom Etiquette, heck ANY ROOM etiquette or just plain WHATEVER you want to know about...leave it in the comment section on any post and make sure you mention Etiquette in it so I know to answer that question...or email it to me if you want to be Anonymous!!! :) Cause I'll understand if you are embarrassed for not following the right Etiquette! lol!


The best part about meeting new people is you never know what to expect!

I love that part!

Which is why I call myself a people person, because some people just don't appreciate the unexpected like I do.

Depending on my mood...sometimes I think I attract the weird.

And I mean that how it sounds...I meet weird people.

Mostly when I travel...

This is one of those times.

Now when I travel by myself, I like to bring a long novel along just in case. That way, I can read it if I want to look like I'm not interested in conversation...

...because there is nothing like getting on a plane and sitting next to a chatter box when you absolutely don't feel like talking, or the persons breath stinks... *shudder*

But sometimes...I like to sit and look like I'm open to conversation, especially if the person I sit next to looks interesting. Whether they are male of female...sometimes I feel like chatting, and I feel I can read body language enough to know if people are up to it or not.

So...I met this guy on the plane.


OHMYGADNESS this guy was a WEIRDO. I'm not being rude as much as I am stating fact. He was a nerd in the most stereotypical way...and...I fell in love with him instantly!

Don't think into this...I "fall in love" with people a lot...not the love I feel for my husband where I want to jump his bones or rip his head off or tell them my deepest darkest secrets...but the kinda love that I just automatically bond and feel comfortable with them, the love I feel for an instant friend!

Well this guy, will call him Harry, was a TALKER! Which was great because I was in one of THOSE moods. So I put my book away.

After we got through the "where are you from" and "what do you do" and "what is your name?" conversation we proceed onto a conversation about computers and web cams...OHMYGOSH I haven't tried to keep in laughter like that for the LONGEST time!:

Harry: "Do you have a webcam?"

Me: "Yea...they came with both of my computers. You know built in or whatever."

Harry: Shocked face of horror..."Do you know people can stalk you through your webcam?"

Me: "No I did not." Eyes wide, and loving that I sat by a crazy!

Harry: "Well, the government uses them to spy on enemies that infiltrate the country...but people can also do it, and I believe people from other WORLDS...those that know how anyway! Blah...blah...blah..."

Me: "Do YOU know how?"

Harry: "'m still trying to figure it out."

Me: "Then how do you know FOR SURE that this stuff really happens?"

Harry: "I can't tell you's classified." If I had a dollar for everytime a guy used THAT excuse! :)

Me: I smile...then in the most level voice I could I said,"I understand...I won't push you to tell me anything else...but should I be worried? Can I talk to the people on the other side...or is there not any sound, just video?"

Now this is important so pay attention...

Harry: "As far as I know...they have SOUND and's just another way for the government to be involved in our lives...that's why I don't have a webcam on ANY of my computers."

Then he talked on an on about how we are traced and like robots and all that jazz. Don't be surprised when I tell you I actually have had similar conversations with other people like that (not the webcam, but the other stuff)...the first one being when I was like 12 and riding home with a friend and her Dad...the guy creeped me out and I was scared to death of being kidnapped by someone in the government for years.


I took what Harry said to heart.

I now make sure that every once in a while I walk by my WebCam nekked showing off my after child birth body, so that I scare the stalkers, aliens, or govenment workers away!

I don't want them hanging around in MY webcam ya know?

And I think I've been successful!

So tell me...are YOU a people person? And do you believe Harry? And remember...if you have anthing you want to know about Etiquette...please, don't hesitate to ask me...




Mariah said...

I talk to everyone and I love meeting weirdos too!! Etiquette... How do you handle car pool moms who don't follow the rules?? A lady in our carpool (of 6 boys) never has her kid follow the rules and we have to go out of our way to pick him up or his lacrosse gear. All the other boys and their parents seem to have their kids and their gear ready, but never her. It's frustrating

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Here I was thinking I was a weirdo magnet! Goodness!!!
I'm sure I will think of an etiquette question later, and who elso to ask but Shelle Blok-Post! I'll get back to you~

Kristina P. said...

I just watched Eagle Eye last night, so I TOTALLY believe it. We know movies would never lie to us.

ukyankoz said...

Wow, that's some serious crazy! I'm so glad my webcam disconnects from my computer - heaven only knows what people would see otherwise!

Etiquette...hmm...when I fall in lust with a hunky international rugby player, how do I tell my husband I want a more 'open' relationship in a way that he'll still buy me a big diamond for our anniversary?

Heidi Ashworth said...

This has given me so much to think about. Hmmm. . .

PJ - Our life said...

That is just too funny!! But you never know - it could be true!

Sandi said...

I think I love Harry too! I am glad he felt like he could confide in you and I'm SOOO glad you have been doing the nekkid stroll in front of that web-cam!
OK heres my question: what do you do when a co-worker strolls into the room and proceeds to BLAST her talk radio shows, even though there is already music playing that everyone has agreed to listen to? I personally want to kill her and I try to think of what Dwight Schrute would do, but maybe you are a better person to follow.

Barbaloot said...

Not gonna lie---I probly can't be classified as a people person. I just feel so awkward talking to people I don't know. Heck, I feel awkward talking to people I DO know. However, there are a few magic people that can bring the friendly side out of me. Maybe you're lucky enough that you're one of them:)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Oh my heck! I can't stop laughing. You meet the most interesting people! I certainly don't believe Henry (though I am not saying it isn't possible for the government on EARTH, they can manage just about anything these days). I can only imagine what people around you must have thought being the fly on the wall during that conversation! I think I may just smile all night thinking about Henry.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Umm, I meant Harry. Obviously!

Annette Lyon said...

Sounds like he must be related to a lady who came into the police station and my brother (cop) had to handle. She was convinced that the government had bugged her shampoo bottle and bunch of other really bizarre things. I don't know how he took her report without laughing her out the door.

binks said...

Well, well, the truth finally gets out.
Not only is the government watching and listening through your web cam, but apparently, they can spy through your television set, cable box, electrical outlets and telephone line.
Or so I've been told (I've been known to attract a few crazys in my day).

Mother Goose said...

i am a people person, but like you I have to prepare for it or set my mind for it, because when I don't want to talk, I make it quite clear! How on earth did you keep a straight face?? and umm.. by the way I think I caught a glimpse of you on my web cam! I just thought it was a white screen with white noise. LOL

Anjeny said...

I'd like to think I'm a people person but the older I get, I tend to be a little more reserved. I don't really care for making conversations in an airplane, I think I tend to worry more about the plane crashing so I just kept to myself...weird uh?

About the stalking...a friend of mine once told me that people or at least people who know how can stalk a another person through the internet, especially email if the person forget to log off. I'm still not sure about how I feel about that if I believe or don't believe him.

Ashley said...

That is so funny. I met some very crazy and strange people on my travels too. It definitely makes it unforgettable!

Amanda said...

I walk around my house naked too. I think I have successfully scared all the burglars away. Now I am working on stray cats, dogs and spiders. It works swimmingly.

T said...

In order to walk by my webcam nekked I'd have to go through my entire house au natural... and that might scare the family... but really, if someone wants to spy on me via webcam they're currently just going to see a very dusty house!

Jen said...

If I ever get a webcam I am totally going to do that.

Because I believe in safety first.

(My husband was blogging over my shoulder tonight, and when you're cute little profile pic came up he said "who's that? She's a hottie." Just thought you'd like to know :)

Kritta22 said...

LOL I love Harry too!

I am a people person too!

I met a very nice LDS couple that was going to Coasta Rica for two weeks on the way down. AND a nice lady from Seward that might have had a yard full of ash when she got home.

(The lady next to us....not so nice)

But I totally am a people person!!

Kritta22 said...

OHHHHH and I totally took note of my seat belt placement when I left the plane! Just for you.

Natalie Sue said...

Hahahahahaha. That last part made me laugh so much. Good idea! I'll make sure to make a few walks past my webcam to scare everyone. lol. You are so funny.

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